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  1. ABBOTT C. L. A. Australia's Frontier Province A critical survey of the Northern Territory from its earliest settlement to the present day. illus. with frontis. & 11 full-page plates, and endpaper maps. pub. Sydney Angus & Robertson 1950 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.218. The author was administrator of the N.T. from 1937 to 1946. sl. chipped d/w. else very good copy.   Price: $40.00
  2. BARRETT   CHARLES Northern Australia. profusely illus. with plates t/out. mostly full page t/out. pub. Melb. Herald & Weekly Times (Sun Travel Book No.3) nd. 193-? or. blk. and red wps. cr.4to. pp.40.    Price: $35.00    Convert Currency  Parcel Costs    
  3. BARRETT   CHARLES   Coast Of Adventure. Untamed North Australia illus. with frontis. 45 black and white photographs, illustrated endpapers pub. Melbourne. Robertson & Mullens Ltd 1941 1st. ed. or. orange cl. 8vo. pp.216. The author writes of his long excursion into the far North of Australia in the 1940s. The author writes of his long excursion into the far North of Australia in the 1940s.   Price: $35.00
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  4. BARRETT  CHARLES Up North.  Australia  Above Capricorn. illus.  with  frontis. & 14 full page  plates  t/out. pub. Melb. Robertson  & Mullens 1943 or. ornge., brn.  & white stiff wps. 8vo. pp.44. fine.     Price: $30.00
  5. BAUME F.E. Tragedy Track. The story of the Granites.  with e/paper illus. & 28 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Frank C. Johnson 1933 or. dark red cl. cr.8vo. pp.189. The story of the NT Granites gold rush of the 1930's. Very good copy. Price: $85.00    Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  6. BEATTY BILL The  Awakening  Giant.  Australia  North  of Capricorn.  with e/paper maps & 24 full page plates  t/out. pub. Syd. Cassell 1961 d/w. 8vo. pp.180. Very good copy.   Price: $30.00
  7. BLACKWELL  DORIS DOUGLAS LOCKWOOD Alice On The  Line. Alice Springs, telegraph station, 1899 to 1908, personal story; illus.  with  16 full page plates t/out. pub.  Adel.  Rigby 1967 d/w. 8vo. pp.204. Doris Blackwell's father was officer-in-charge of Alice Springs telegraph station from 1899. Fine in the sl. torn d/w.   Price: $35.00
  8. BROGDEN STANLEY     Darwin Holiday. A guidebook to the Stuart Highway from Alice Springs to Darwin. illus. with 11 full page photo plates & map; pub. Melbourne Australia: Pioneer Tours, 1948 or. grey/green cl. 4to. pp.104 Early tourist bus operator, this book gives a general description of the places of interest in the long journey through the Northern Territory. Very good copy.     Price: $25.00
  9. COLE  KEITH Winds Of Fury. The full story of  the  Great Darwin Disaster. illus. with 18 plates pub. Syd. Rigby 1977 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.211. The cyclone: background, impact and aftermath. He describes the chaos of Darwin after the cyclone, the great exodus of refugees, the bureaucratic bungling, the recriminations, the splendid work of the Navy and many other helpers and the confusion of people trying to rebuild their lives. Near fine copy.   Price: $40.00
  10. COLE  KEITH Groote  Eylandt.  Changing  Aboriginal  Life Styles.  illus.  with  many text plates  t/out.  pub.  Vic. Bendigo Keith Cole Pub. 1983 d/w. 4to.  pp.68. Fine.   Price: $35.00
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  11. COLE  KEITH Arnhem Land. Places and People.  illus.  with e/paper  maps  & plates t/out. some col. pub.  Adel.  Rigby 1980 d/w. cr.4to. pp.160. An introduction to the flora and fauna and then a sketch of its history. It then goes into the aboriginal communities, describing the culture and life of the communities. Near fine copy.   Price: $35.00
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  12. DONOVAN  P.F. A Land Full Of Possibilities. A  History  of South Australia's Northern Territory. with 5  illus.  pub. Brisb. Uni.  of Qld. Press 1981 1st.ed.  d/w.  8vo. pp.268.    Price: $35.00
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  13. FLYNN FRANK  M.S.C. with Keith Willey The  Living Heart. illus.  with  frontis.  &  16  full  page  plates   t/out. decorations by  Elizabeth Durack pub.  Syd.  1964  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.232. The people and country of Central Australia. Signed by author.    Price: $40.00   Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  14. FLYNN FRANK with KEITH WILLEY Northern Gateway. with e/paper maps text dwgs. by  Elizabeth Durack, 16 full page plates, (one col.)  pub. Syd.  Devonshire  Press 1963 d/w. 8vo.  pp.232. The experiences of Father Flynn in the Northern Territory. Dustwrapper slightly faded to spine otherwise very good copy.   Price: $30.00
  15. FLYNN  FRANK with KEITH WILLEY Northern Gateway.    illus. with e/paper maps, dec. by Elizabeth Durack d/w. & e/papers by  Susan Wright; photograph section by Jack Mulligan &  F. Karel  Kupka. pub. Syd. F.P. Leonard 1963 1st.ed.  or. brown cl. glt. ltg. to front board and spine, d/w. 8vo. pp.232. The experiences of Father Flynn in the Northern Territory. Gift inscription to f/free e/paper, Signed by Frank Flynn. Dustwrapper slightly faded to spine otherwise very good copy.   Price: $40.00
  16. GEORGE ELISABETH Two At Daly Waters. illus. with frontis. & 14 full page plates t/out. pub. Melb. Georgian House 1946 cl. d/w.12mo. pp.144. An autobiography of life in a tin mining and early settlement in an outpost in the Northern Territory of Australia during WWI. Very good copy.   Price: $30.00
  17. GIBBS JOHN A Bitch Called Tracy. is Darwin Cyclone illus. with 16 full page black and white plates of the aftermath of Cyclone Tracey at rear; pub. Sydney Surveys & Market Research 1975 or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.198. The title of this story refers to Cyclone Tracy which hit Darwin on Christmas Eve, 1974. The characters in this novel are fictitious, but story is based on fact. Slight creasing at spine else v/good.   Price: $35.00
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  18. GOREY NATHALIE The Alice. A story of town and district of Alice Springs,  Northern Territory. with e/paper  illus.  & b/w.  text  plates  t/out. pub. &  compiled  by  the  Alice Springs Branch & A.A. Branch of the Country Women's Assoc. 1952 or.bds.d/w. cr.4to. pp.76.    Price: $35.00
  19. HARNEY  W.EContent  To Lie In The  Sun.    illus.  with frontis.  12  full page plates t/out. & 1  map  pub.  Lond. Robert Hale 1959 d/w. 8vo. pp.208 Stories of life among the Australian Aboriginals during the 1940s and '50s. Memoirs of 20 years in Australia's Northern Territory. Signed by Bill Harney ..'Best Wishes Bill Harney Ranger Ayers Rock'…   Price: $60.00
  20. HARNEY W.E. (BILL) To Ayers Rock And Beyond. illus. with 8 full page plates t/out. 6 maps pub. Lond. Robert Hale 1964 d/w. 8vo. pp.192. fine copy. Ranger of Ayers Rock National Park    Price: $40.00
  21. HARNEY BILL Douglas Lockwood The Shady Tree. illus. with 37 plates t/out. some full page; pub. Adel. Rigby 1963 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.206. Final work, prepared posthumously by Douglas Lockwood, of much loved traveller and writer. Harney's story of his retirement. Fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  22. HILL  ERNESTINE The Territory. with map frontis.  &  text dec.  by Elizabeth Durack pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson  1951 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.454. Story of the first hundred years of exploring, pioneering and settlement in Australia's tropic north. Slightly chipped d/w. else very good copy.   Price: $35.00
  23. JOHANNSEN KURT G. A Son Of 'The Red Centre'  Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Life of Road Train Pioneer and Bush Inventor of the Northern Territory of Australia. illus. with index, colour plates, b/w photos and maps, pub. S.A. J B Books Pty, Limited Marleston Business Centre 2001 or. pictorial card wrappers, (paperback), 4to. pp.X.254. Gift inscription to f/free e/paper, otherwise fine.   Price: $30.00
  24. KELSEY D.E. Ed. by Ira Nesdale The Shackle. A story of the Far North Australian Bush. illus. with frontis. &  numerous plates  t/out.,  e/paper maps. pub. S.A. Lynton  Pub.  1975 1st.ed. or.illus.bds. cr.4to. pp.144. The author arrived in the Northern Territory as a boy of eight, four years after the settlement of Port Darwin in 1869,he lived and worked there for over twenty-five years,mostly with the Overland Telegraph and Postal departments, this is his recollection of early life in the Northern Territory. Fine.   Price: $35.00
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  25. LOCKWOOD  DOUGLAS The Front Door. Darwin, 1869-1969.  with e/paper maps & 18 full page plates t/out. pub. Adel. Rigby 1968 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.288.      Price: $30.00
  26. LOCKWOOD  DOUGLAS The Front Door. Darwin, 1869-1969.  with e/paper maps & 18 full page plates t/out. pub. Adel. Rigby 1968 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.288. Complimentary card stapled to front free e/paper signed by the Mayor of the time "D. Richardson 1970" Fine.  Price: $50.00
  27. LOCKWOOD DOUGLAS in collaboration with Nancy Polishuk Life On  The Daly River. illus. with 15 full page plates  t/out. pub. Lond. 1961 1st.ed. or. maroon cl. 8vo. pp.174. The narrator of this remarkable true story is Nancy, a young Australian girl who had lived a sheltered city existence to join her adventurous and American husband in trying to build a home and raise a family in the remote tropical wilds of northern Australia. The man-eating crocodiles she saw within a few feet of her door, watching her malevolently, when the river broke its banks and invaded her home; and the deadly taipans, Australia's most venomous snake. Her struggles and interaction with the local native people and her struggle to survive there and her life. Ghost-written by Douglas Lockwood. Very good copy.   Price: $35.00
  28. LOCKWOOD DOUGLAS Crocodiles And Other People. illus.  with 12  full  page plates t/out. pub. Adel. Rigby  1963 d/w. 8vo. pp.VIII.222.    Price: $35.00
  29. LOCKWOOD DOUGLAS BILL HARNEY The Shady Tree. Last book of Bill Harney's prepared by Douglas Lockwood. with e/paper illus. & 28 plates pub. Lond. Angus & Robertson 1964 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.206.    Price: $35.00
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  30. LOCKWOOD DOUGLAS Australia's Pearl Harbour Darwin, 1942. illus. with e/paper maps $ 22 full page plates t/out. pub. Melb. Cassell 1967 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.232. Japanese air raids on Darwin,  February 19, 1942 in which 243 people were killed and more than 300 wounded. sl. chipped d/w. else v/good.  Price: $45.00    Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  31. LOCKWOOD  DOUGLAS Up The Track. illus. with 26  full page plates  t/out.  &  one map pub. Adel.  Rigby  1964  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.228. Signed by author and other people "Up the Track" from Alice Springs to Darwin. Approximately 34 signatures. Some of the signatures are: Branch Members of Alice Sp. Residency 10 members L. Sutton, J. McGreggor, Jean Russell, Jillian Conway, K.J. Fletcher, and others. J.G. Sawyer (Wauchope), M. Noble Tennant Creek, Billy Daly Waters George Brown RFDS (Alice Springs Royal Flying Doctor Service) A.K. Thomson (Ti-Tree Well) Colleen Thomson, Mary Ward, Banka Banka (Banka Banka Station Tennant Creek) G. Richardson Mataranka Station Homestead, R. Richardson MBE JP, (Mataranka) John Mayer, R. Davey Iron Bark (Aileron 138 kilometres north of Alice Springs). H. Saville, Daley Waters Pub (2 signatures?). Noel Healey (Dunmarra). Signature to rear flap on d/w. & other signatures that cannot be identified dated 3/8/65. All signed going 'Up The Track' from Alice Springs and Stations. Closed tear to d/w. else very good.   Price: $200.00
  32. LOCKWOOD  DOUGLAS Up The Track. illus. with 26  full page plates  t/out.  &  one map pub. Adel.  Rigby  1966. d/w. 8vo. pp.228. Journey from Alice Springs and all stations to Darwin. A look at the Northern Territory in the 1960s. Near fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  33. LOCKWOOD  DOUGLAS Fair Dinkum. illus. with map &  6 full page  plates t/out. pub. Lond. Cassell 1963 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.188. A collection of stories of the Northern Territory of Australia, collected in the course of eighteen years in the rugged outback of the Northern Territory. sl. chipped d/w. Very good copy.   Price: $35.00
  34. LOCKWOOD DOUGLAS The Lizard Eaters. illus. with 33 plates pub. Melb. Cassell 1964 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.172.    Price: $35.00
  35. LOCKWOOD DOUGLAS I, The Aboriginal. with e/paper illus. & 16  full page plates t/out. pub. Adel. Rigby  1962 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.240. very good copy.       Price: $50.00
  36. LOCKWOOD DOUGLAS My Old Mates And I illus. with full-page black-and-white photographs pub. Sydney Adelaide 1979 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.194. Portraits of the Northern Territory and its folk, as Lockwood recalls them. Remembers Darwin the way he knew and loved it before Cyclone Tracy 'blew it off the map'. Fine copy.   Price: $30.00
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  37. MAKIN JOCK The Big Run. The story of Victoria River Downs. illus.  with e/paper map & 16 full page plates t/out. pub. Adel. Rigby 1970 d/w. 8vo. pp.194.     Price: $35.00
  38. PETRICK JOSE - The History of Alice Springs Through Landmarks and Street Names. illus. with 3 maps and numerous plates; pub. Alice Springs, [The Author], 1996 updated, or. pictorial card covers 4to. pp. pp.X.198     Price: $40.00
  39. POLLOCK DAVID I Took Adventure Outback In Uniform. illus. with e/paper maps & 40 full page plates t/out. pub. Melbourne, by author 1999 d/w. 8vo. pp.XII.300. The story of the author's eight years in the Northern Territory Police Force in the 1960's. Fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  40. PORTER  JOHN D. Our Fertile North. Porter's Mob  tour  the N.T.  Story of a tour to entertain the troops in the  North Aust. battle  zones, and author's impressions  of  his  15 weeks'  journey. illus. with plates t/out. some  full  page pub. Melb. or. lt.brn.illus.wps. 8vo. pp.84. fine.     Price: $40.00
  41. RIGBY FRANK  & HENRY GOLD The MacDonnell  Ranges. illus. with photo plates t/out. by Henry Gold some col. pub. Adel. Rigby 1973 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.112.    Price: $30.00
  42. SEARCY ALFRED In Australian Tropics. illus. with one map folding, and 56 full page plates t/out. pub. London Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner 1907 1st ed.. blue cl. gilt to spine and front cover, rebound in dark blue cloth, t.e.g. Uncut, 8vo. pp. XXIV.374. Based on experiences during 14 years as Sub-Collector of Customs at Darwin. Very fine.    Price: $250.00     Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
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  43. SEARCY  ALFRED By Flood And Field. Adventures  Ashore and Afloat  in North Australia. illus. with frontis. & 17  full page plates t/out. folding map at rear, pub. Lond. G.  Bell &  Sons for E.W. Cole Book Arcade 1912 title lettered in black on front and spine, cr.8vo. pp.328. Adventurous life in the Northern Territory by one who lived it. Very sl. rubbed to spine else a good copy.   Price: $75.00    Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  44. SPILLETT  PETER  G. Forsaken Settlement.  An  illustrated history of the Settlement of Victoria, Port Essington North Australia  1838-1849. illus. with many plates  t/out.  pub. Melb. Lansdowne Press 1972 1st.ed. or. black cl. 8vo. pp.196. Fine.    Price: $40.00
  45. STAPLETON AUSTIN    Willshire (Mounted Constable, 1st Class) Of Alice Springs. illus. with num. b/w. photos and 2 maps; pub. Carlisle, W.A. Hesperian Press. 1992; p/b. 8vo. pp.X.58. Willshire was tried and acquitted of murder in 1890. Fine copy.     Price: $20.00
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  46. STRETTON ALAN The Furious Days. The relief of Darwin. with e/paper maps & 19 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Collins 1976 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.208.     Price: $35.00
  47. THOMSON  DONALD Donald Thomson In Arnhem  Land. Compiled and  edited  by Nicolas Peterson. illus.  with  frontis. & numerous plates, maps t/out. pub. Melb. Currey O'Neil  1983 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.146. Between 1932 and 1933 a group of Arnhem Land Aborigines killed five Japanese and three Europeans. The Federal Government was ordering a punitive epedition when Thomson sought a government commission to investigate the grievances of these virtually unknown people. This is the story of Thomson's travels in Arnhem Land, his meeting with the Aboriginal people and the time he spent amongst them. This is a detailed account from his own diaries and photographs of his journey. Fine copy.   Price: $65.00
  48. TERRY MICHAEL Across Unknown Australia. A thrilling account of exploration in the northern Territory of Australia. illus. with 22 full page plates t/out. pub. Lond. Herbert Jenkins 1926 or. green cl. 8vo. pp.312,4 advts. lightly flecked else very good copy.    Price: $300.00
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  49. WILLEY KEITH Eaters Of The Lotus. illus. with 14 full page plates t/out. pub. Brisb. Jacaranda Press 1964 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XVI.184. Three time Walker Journalism Award winner, Keith Willey gives this account of Australia's Northern Territory, mixed with more serious matters, there is an amazing variety of those hilarious and sometimes sordid stories for which the Northern Territory is justly famed. Very good copy.   Price: $35.00
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