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  1. NAUGHTON  BILL All In Good Time. A comedy. II  acts.  pub. Samuel French. p/b. 8vo. pp.86.     Price: $15.00
  2. NICHOLS  PETER Forget-Me-Not Lane. Humorous,  serious and dramatic  selections. (9 characters) pub. Lond. Faber  1971 p/b. 12mo. pp.106. Autographed by Peter Nichols.     Price: $55.00
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  3. NOH  DRAMA Ten Plays From The Japanese,  Selected  and Translated by the Special Noh Committee, Japanese  Classics Translation  Committee,  Nippon Gakujutsu  Shinkokai.  with e/paper  illus. & 9 full page plates t/out.  folding  plan, map pub. Tokyo Charles E. Tuttle Co. Pub. 1971  d/w. 8vo. pp.192.     Price: $45.00
  4. OAKES RUSSELL J. Enduring As The Camphor Tree.  III  Acts (14  characters); first produced by Irene Mitchell at  the Little  Theatre, South Yarra, Melb. pub. Melb  Uni.  Press. 1967 ed. p/b. 8vo. pp.68. fine.     Price: $10.00
  5. OBEY   ANDRE Noah.  V  Scenes.  (17   characters).   pub. Heinemann. 1968 ed. illus. Boards. 8vo. pp.55. v/good.  Price: $15.00
  6. O'CASEY SEAN Within The Gates. A play of four scenes in  a London  Park. (25 characters) pub. U.S.A. Macmillan & Co.  1934 1st. ed.  or. green .cl. 8vo. pp.203. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, sl. spotting otherwise v/good.   Price: $50.00
  7. O'CASEY  SEAN Juno And The Paycock & The Plough  and the Stars.  pub. London Macmillan or green cloth cr.8vo. pp.168. v/good condition.  Price: $15.00
  8. O'CASEY SEAN Three Plays. Juno and the Paycock, The Shadow of  a Gunman, The Plough and the Stars. p/b.  8vo. pp.218. fine.    Price: $15.00
  9. O'CASEY SEAN Juno And The Paycock. pub. Lond. Macmillan's Pocket Lib. 1954 d/w. cr.8vo. pp.113.     Price: $15.00
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  10. ODETS CLIFFORD Winter Journey. (8 characters)  II  acts. pub. Samuel French. p/b. 8vo. pp.79. good copy.     Price: $15.00
  11. O'NEILL EUGENE A Play. Marco Millions . (30 characters) III Acts. illus. with dec. e/papers, pub. NY Boni & Liveright 1927 or. dark blue cl. 8vo. pp.138. neat signature to f/free e/paper, otherwise v/good copy. Price: $45.00
  12. O'NEILL EUGENE A Touch Of The Poet. A play. (10 characters) 1V Acts. 1957 1st. ed. d/w. cr.8vo. pp.138. neat signature to f/free e/paper, price clipped, otherwise fine copy.     Price: $45.00
  13. O'NEIL EUGENE All God's Chillun God Wings. pub.  Jonathan Cape. p/b. 8vo. pp.206. fine.     Price: $12.00
  14. O'NEIL  EUGENE All God's Chillun Got Wings / Desire  Under the Elms / Welded. pub. Jonathan Cape. p/b. 8vo. fine.     Price: $12.00
  15. O'NEILL EUGENE Plays. Ah, Wilderness / The Hairy Ape / All God's Chillun Got Wings. 1960 ed. p/b. 8vo. pp.235. fine.    Price: $12.00
  16. O'NEILL EUGENE Ah, Wilderness / The Hairy Ape / All  God's Chillun  got Wings / The Emperor Jones / Desire  Under  the Elms. pub. Penguin. p/b. 8vo. pp.348. fine.     Price: $12.50
  17. O'NEILL EUGENE Long Day's Journey Into Night. 5 characters. pub. Jonathan Cape. p/b. 8vo. pp.156. fine.     Price: $12.00
  18. O'NEILL  EUGENE The Iceman Cometh. IV Acts (19  characters) pub. Jonathan Cape. p/b. 8vo. pp.224. fine.     Price: $12.50
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  19. O'NEILL  EUGENE The Hairy Ape / Anna Christie /  and  The First Man. pub. Lond. Johathan Cape 1973 p/b. 12mo. pp.312.     Price: $12.50
  20. O'NEILL   EUGENE The  Emperor  Jones.  III   Acts.   (21 characters) pub. Lond. Jonathan Cape 1969 p/b. 8vo. pp.282     Price: $12.50
  21. ORTON JOE The Orton Diaries. Ed. by John Lahr.  Including the  correspondence  fo  Edna Welthorpe  and  others.  with e/paper  illus. frontis. & 16 full page plates t/out.  pub. N.Y.  Harper  & Row 1986 1st.ed. d/w.  8vo.  pp.304. v/fine copy.     Price: $40.00
  22. ORTON JOE Entertaining Mr Sloan. (4 Characters) III  Acts. pub. Lond. Methuen p/b. cr.12mo. pp.104.    Price: $15.00
  23. ORTON JOE What The Butler Saw. (6 Characters)  II  Acts. pub. Lond. Methuen p/b. cr.12mo. pp.94.     Price: $15.00
  24. ORTON JOE The Complete Plays. Entertaining Mr Sloan, Loot, What  The  Butler  Saw,  The  Ruffian  on  the  Stair,  The Erpingham  Camp,  Funeral  Games,  The  Good  and  Faithful Servant. pub. Lond. Methuen 1981 p/b. 12mo. pp.448.     Price: $15.00
  25. ORTON JOE Loot. II Acts (6 characters) pub. Lond.  Methuen 1973 p/b. 12mo. pp.96.     Price: $15.00
  26. OSBORNE  JOHN Look Back In Anger. III Acts (5  characters) Faber,  London.  1968 ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.96.  fine  in sl/chipped d/w.     Price: $15.00
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  27. OSBORNE  JOHN The  Entertainer. pub. Lond.  Faber  1957 1st.ed.  d/w.  8vo.  pp.90.  inscript.  to   f/free e/paper, price clipped otherwise v/fine copy.   Price: $75.00
  28. OSBORNE  JOHN The Entertainer. pub. Faber, London  p/b. 8vo. pp.89.     Price: $10.00
  29. PACIFIC  WRITERS SERIES. (ed.) Ulli Beier. Five New Guinea Plays.  1/  Manki  Masta-Kumalav  Tawali,  2/  Cargo-Arthur Jawodimbari,  3/  The Unexpected Hawk-John  Waiko,  4/ The Ungrateful  Daughter-Leo  Hannet, 5/  Alive-M.Lovori.  pub. Jacaranda press. p/b. 8vo. pp.57. fine.     Price: $10.00
  30. PASTERNAK BORIS The Blind Beauty (29 characters) illus. with frontis. portrait pub. London: Harvill and Collins; 1969 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.128. Translated by Manya Harari and Max Hayward. "Pasternak's last work, an unfinished play come to light nine years after his death" Very good copy.   Price: $25.00
  31. PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE Nightmare Abby. (11 characters). pub. U.K. 8vo. pp.112. fine.     Price: $10.00
  32. PERCY EDWARD Red Wax. A comedy for women in one act. (6 characters).  pub.  Dean & Sons, London. p/b.  8vo.  pp.24.     Price: $10.00
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  33. PICASSO PABLO "the four little girls" Translated by Roland Penrose. illus. with frontis. & several full page drawings by Pablo Picasso pub. Lond. Calder and Boyars Playscript 32 1970 1st ed. this translation d/w. 8vo. pp.96. very sl. wear to top of d/w. at spine else fine.    Price: $75.00
  34. PINERO  A.W. Dandy Dick. III Acts  (11  characters).  pub. Heinemann/Educational  1959  ed. illus.  bds.  8vo.  pp.80.    Price: $10.00
  35. PINERO ARTHUR W. His House In Order. A comedy in IV acts. pub. French`s acting edition. p/b. 8vo. pp.97. fine.    Price: $10.00
  36. PINERO ARTHUR W. Trelawny Of The Wells. A comdeietta. Four Acts. (19 characters). pub. French`s acting edition. p/b. 8vo. pp.97. fine.   Price: $10.00
  37. PINTER HAROLD The Room And The Dumb Waiter. pub. Methuen. p/b. 8vo. pp.71. fine.     Price: $10.00
  38. PINTER  HAROLD The Homecoming. pub. Methuen.  p/b.  8vo. pp.82. (6 characters III Acts). as mint.     Price: $12.00
  39. PINTER HAROLD The Caretaker. III Acts (3 characters)  pub. Methuen 1973 p/b. 8vo. pp.78.     Price: $12.00
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  40. PINTER HARLOD The Birthday Party. III Acts. (5 characters) illus. with 3 full page plates pub. Lond. Methuen 1981 p/b. 12mo. pp.98. plastic on cover.     Price: $12.00
  41. PINTER  HAROLD Tea Party And Other Plays. Tea Party /  The Basement  /  Night  School.  pub.  Methuen.  p/b.  cr.12mo. pp.115. fine.     Price: $12.00
  42. PINTER HAROLD A Slight Ache. And other plays. A Night Out / The Dwarfs / Revue Sketches. d/w. 12mo. pp.134.     Price: $12.00
  43. PINTER HAROLD Plays: One. The Birthday Party / The Room / The  Dumb Waiter / A Slight Ache / A Night Out. pub.  Lond. Methuen 1976 p/b. 16mo. pp.256. Price: $12.50
  44. PINTER  HAROLD Plays Two. The Caretaker / The Collection / The  Lover / Night School / The Dwarfs. pub. Lond.  Methuen 1986 p/b. 16mo. pp.254. Price: $12.50
  45. PINTER HAROLD Five Screenplays. The Servent / The Pumpkin Eater / The Quiller Memorandum / Accident / The Go-Between. pub. Lond. Methuen 1976 p/b. 8vo. pp.368.     Price: $20.00
  46. PLAUTUS The Rope And Other Plays. The Rope / Amphitryo  / The Ghost / A Three-Dollar Day. Translates by E.F.  Watling pub. Penguin 1971 p/b. cr.12mo. pp.284.     Price: $10.00
  47. PLAUTUS Three Plays. The Slip-Knot / The Crock of Gold  / The Trickster. pub. Routledge. 1925 ed. 8vo. pp.330.     Price: $20.00
  48. PLAUTUS The Pot Of Gold And Other Plays. / The Prisoners / The   Brothers  Menaechmus  /  The  Swagering   Soldier  / Pseudolus. pub. Lond. Penguin pb. 1972 cr.12mo. pp.268.    Price: $10.00
  49. PLAUTUS  (Translated by Eric Segal). Three  Comedies. Braggart  Soldier / The Brothers Menaechmus /  The  Haunted House.  pub.  N.Y.  Harper  & row  1969  d/w.  8vo. pp.XVIII.328. fine.     Price: $30.00
  50. PORTER HAL Eden House. (III. Acts 8 Characters) pub.  Syd.  Angus & Robertson 1969 1st.ed. d/w. cr.8vo.  pp.100. Two  short  closed tears to rear of d/w. otherwise  almost fine copy.   Price: $50.00
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  51. POSTWAR  GERMAN  THEATRE An Anthology  Of  Plays. George Kaiser,  The  Raft  of  Medusa  /  Wolfgang  Borchett, The Outsider  / Erwin Syvanus, Dr. Korczak and the Children  / Freidrich Durrenmatt, Incident at Twilight / Max Frish, The Great Fury  of Philip Hotz / Tankred  Dorst,  Freedom for Clemens  /  Carl Lasco, Lets' Eat Hair /  Carl  Lasco,  The Chinese  Icebox  / Gunter Grass, Rocking Back and  Forth  / Wolfgang Hildesheimer, Nightpiece / Peter Weiss, The Tower. pub.  London.  1968. d/w. 8vo. pp.348. fine  in  sl. chipped d/w.     Price: $20.00
  52. POWERS  JOHN The Last Of The Knucklemen. & Dimboola, Jack Hibberd. pub. Penguin. p/b. 8vo. pp.150. fine.     Price: $25.00
  53. PRIESTLEY  J.B. Music At Night. III acts  (8  characters). pub. Samuel French. 1947. p/b. 8vo. pp.72. good condition.     Price: $15.00
  54. PRIESTLEY  J.B. Laburnum Grove. (comedy).  III  Acts.  (9 characters).  pub.  Samuel  French.  London.  p/b.  lg.8vo. pp.80. fine.     Price: $15.00
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  55. RACINE Andromache   And  Other   Plays.   Andromache   / Britannicus / Berenice. pub. Lond. Penguin Books p/b.  1978 cr.12mo. pp.288.     Price: $15.00
  56. RADIO PLAYS 5 Radio Plays. Archibald Malleish, The  Fall of the City / Norman Corwin, Untitled / Louis MacNeice, The Dark Tower / Cecil Mc Givern, The Harbour Called Mulberry / Douglas Stewart, The Fire on the Snow. pub. Longmans Melb. 1950 ed. p/b. lg.8vo. pp.215. fine.     Price: $15.00
  57. RATTIGAN TERENCE The Winslow Boy II Acts. (11 characters). pub. Longmans. or. p/b. 8vo. pp.96. fine.   Price: $12.00
  58. RATTIGAN  TERENCE Famous Plays. The Winslow Boy  / French Without  Tears / Flare Path. pub. Pan books. 1967 ed. p/b. 8vo. pp.352. v./good.     Price: $12.00
  59. RATTIGAN  TERENCE Separate Tables. Two Plays. Table By The Window and Table Number Seven.  pub. Lond. Hamilton  1955 1st.ed. d/w. cr.8vo. pp.120. Price clipped, slight chip lower spine else near fine.   Price: $55.00
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  60. RATTIGAN TERENCE  The Sleeping Prince. An Occasional  Fairy Tale.  pub. Lond. Hamish Hamilton 1954 1st.ed.  d/w. 12mo. pp.126. d/w. illustrated with a photograph of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh from the London production. Play about a Capathian Prince who meets a showgirl on his state visit to London for the coronation of King George V. sl. spotting to edges, of d/w. price clipped, otherwise fine, lacks f/free e/paper.   Price: $40.00 
  61. RATTIGAN TERENCE The Sleeping Prince. pub. Lond. Hamilton 1954 1st.ed. cr.8vo. pp.126. back strip sl. sunned, little spotting, a very good copy.     Price: $14.00
  62. RATTIGAN TERENCE Playbill. Comprising The Browning Version and  Harlequinade  (A  farce)  pub.  Lond.  Hamilton 1949 or.crm.bds. 12mo. pp.96. Price: $12.00
  63. RATTIGAN TERENCE The Collected Plays Of Terance Rattigan. (2 vols) Vol.I.  French  Without Tears, Flare Path,  While  The Sun Shines,  Love  In Idleness, The Windslow  Boy. Vol.II.  The Browning Version, Harlequinade, Adventure Story, Who Is Sylvia, The Deep Blue Sea.  pub.  Lond. Hamilton d/w. cr.8vo. pp.364. pub.  Lond. Hamilton d/w. cr.8vo. pp.452. fine. 2 vols. Light edgewear, else fine.   Price: $65.00
  64. READY STUART Mr Hunter. A Thriller for Women in one  act. (6 characters). pub. Samuel French. p/b. 8vo. pp.30. fine.     Price: $10.00
  65. RESTORATION  COMEDIES-Three.  Etherege, The Man Of Mode  / Wyncherley,  The  Country wife / Congreve, Love  For Love. pub. Penguin 1968 p/b. 12mo. pp.366.     Price: $10.00
  66. RICE  ELMER A New Life. A Play In Nine Scenes. pub.  Lond. Gollancz 1945 d/w. 8vo. pp.88.     Price: $15.00
  67. ROMERIL JOHN Miss Tanaka. Based on Xavier Herbert's Short Story. pub. Sydney Currency Press in association with Playbox 2001 p/b. 8vo. pp.58. Miss Tanaka is the beautiful and enigmatic niece of Broome's former Number One pearl diver. Newly arrived from Japan, she captures the hearts of the town's menfolk, but is promised in marriage to two brawling pearl divers. Who will uncover this mysterious young woman's true identity? Based on a story by Xavier Herbert, John Romeril's new play is a magical portrayal of 1930s Broome, weaving an astonishing blend of folk tale, magic and spectacle as it races to its wild conclusion. Puppet play. (5 characters two puppeteers, musicians) Fine.   Price: $20.00 
  68. ROSS   KATHLEEN The  Trap. A  play  in  one   act.   (4 characters).  pub.  Dean & Sons, London. p/b.  8vo.  pp.26.     Price: $10.00
  69. ROSS KENNETH Breaker Morant A  play  in  two   acts.   (17 characters). pub. Melbourne Edward Arnold 1982 or. card wrappers, (paperback), cr.8vo. pp.98. plastic covering on covers else v/good.   Price: $30.00
  70. ROSTAND   EDMOND Cyrano  De  Bergerac.   V   Acts. (22 characters).  pub.  Heinemann. 1955 ed.  illus.  bds.  8vo. pp.168. fine.     Price: $15.00
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  71. RUSSIAN  PLAYS-FOUR   Fonvizin  The  Infant./  Griboyedov Chatsky./  Gogol  The Inspector./ Ostrovsky  Thunder.  pub. Penguin Books 1972 p/b. 12mo. pp.394.    Price: $12.50
  72. SACHS ALBIE The Jail Diary Of Albie Sachs. pub. London Rex Gollings 1978 or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.80. The prison diary of ab anti-apartheid lawyer arrested, freed, then immediately rearrested under the Nintey Days detention Law in South Africa. Closed tear at spine, overall a good copy.   Price: $10.00
  73. SARTRE  JEAN-PAUL Crime Passionel. (12  characters).  pub. Methuen. p/b. 8vo. pp.120. fine.     Price: $10.00
  74. SARTRE JEAN-PAUL No Exit & The Flies. pub. N.Y. Alford A. Knopf 1977 d/w. 12mo. pp.166.     Price: $15.00
  75. SCHEHADE GEORGES Theatre Of War. Georges Schehadel, Vasco /   Boris Vian,  The  Generals'  Tea-Party  /   Henry   de Monthercant, The Civil War. pub. Penguin 1967 ed. p/b. 8vo. pp.270. v/good.     Price: $10.00
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  76. SCOTT A.C. Kanjincho.  A Japanese  Kabuki  Play.  (Eng. Translation)  illus. with frontis. ink drawing w/colour, includes drawings of wigs, and characters in play,  by author pub. Tokyo The Hokuseido Press 1953 or.col.  striped cl. striped d/w. 8vo. pp.50. Light edgewear, else very good copy.   Price: $35.00
  77. SCOTT A.C. Genyadana. A Japanese Kabuki Play.  (Eng. Translation)   illus. with frontis. ink drawing w/colour, includes drawings of wigs, and characters in play,  by author pub. Tokyo The Hokuseido Press 1953 or.col.  striped cl. striped d/w. 8vo. pp.50. Near fine copy.  Price: $35.00
  78. SEYMOUR ALAN The One Day Of The Year. III Acts. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1986 p/b. 16mo. pp.108. Fine.  Price: $15.00
  79. SHAFFER  PETER The  Royal Hunt Of  The  Sun. II  Acts  (25 characters) French`s Acting Edition. p/b. 8vo. pp.74. fine.     Price: $12.00
  80. SHAFFER PETER Three Plays. Equus / Shrivings / Five Finger Exercise. pub. Penguin. p/b. 8vo. pp.300. fine.     Price: $15.00
  81. SHAFFER PETER Amadeus. (25 characters) II Acts illus. with 8 full page plates t/out. pub. U.K. Penguin 1984 p/b. 12mo. pp.112.     Price: $10.00
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  82. SHAKESPEARE  WILLIAM Shakespeare A Bibliographical Guide. Ed. by Stanley Wells. pub. U.K. Oxford Uni. Press 1990 p/b. 8vo. pp.432.     Price: $25.00
  83. SHAW  BERNARD Pygmalion. pub. Penguin. p/b.  8vo. pp.155.     Price: $10.00
  84. SHAW  BERNARD Androcles And The Lion. pub. Penguin. p/b. 8vo. pp.158. (17 characters). fine.     Price: $10.00
  85. SHAW  BERNARD Heartbreak House. pub. Penguin.  p/b.  8vo. pp.160. fine.     Price: $10.00
  86. SHAW  BERNARD The Millionairess. IV Acts.  pub.  Penguin. 1960 ed. p/b. 8vo. pp.127. good.     Price: $10.00
  87. SHAW BERNARD Man And Superman. pub. Penguin. 1946 ed. p/b. 8vo. pp.284. (11 characters). v/good.     Price: $10.00
  88. SHAW  BERNARD Saint Joan. (24 characters).  pub.  Penguin. p/b. 8vo. pp.159. fine.     Price: $10.00
  89. SHAW  BERNARD Major  Barbara. A  screen  version.  pub. Penguin 1949 ed. p/b. 8vo. pp.169. fine.     Price: $10.00
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  90. SHAW BERNARD Plays Pleasant. Arms and the Man / Candida / The Man of Destiny / You Never Can Tell. pub. Penguin  p/b. 8vo. pp.316. fine.     Price: $10.00
  91. SHAW  BERNARD Caesar And Cleopatra.. pub. London Longman 1971 ed. or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.186. Very good copy.   Price: $10.00
  92. SHAW  BERNARD Three  Plays  For  Puritans. The  Devil's Disciple  /  Caesar and Cleopatra  /  Captain  Brassbound's Conversion. pub. Penguin. p/b. 8vo. pp.346. fine.     Price: $10.00
  93. SHAW BERNARD The Apple Cart. A Political Extravaganza. II. Acts pub. Lond. Penguin Books 1956 p/b. cr.12mo. pp.120.     Price: $10.00
  94. SHEPARD SAM Seven Plays: True West / Buried Child / Curse of the Starving Class / The Tooth Crime/ La Turisa / Tongues / Savage/Love. pub. lond. Faber 1981 p/b. 12mo. pp.336.     Price: $12.00
  95. SHERIDAN  R.B. The School For Scandal. pub.  NY  Appleton-Crofts 1966 or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.110. Very good copy.   Price: $10.00
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  96. SHERIDAN R.B. The Rivals. V Acts. (12 characters & extras) with 6 illus. pub. Lond. Macmillan 1960  16mo. pp.XXVIII.132.     Price: $10.00
  97. SHERIDAN  RICHARD BRINSLEY Sheridan Plays. Complete Plays 1751-1816. The Rivals / St. Patrick's Day / The Duenna / A Trip  To Scarborough / The School for Scandal / The Camp  / The  Critic and Pizarro. pub. Lond. Oxford Uni. Press  1975 d/w. cr.8vo. pp.442.     Price: $35.00
  98. SHERRIFF R.C. Journey's End. (11 characters) III Acts. pub. Lond. Heinemann Educational 1978 p/b. 12mo. pp.108.     Price: $12.00
  99. SHERWOOD ROBERT EMMET The Petrified Forest. III Acts. (21 characters).  frontis.  pub. Dramatists Play  Service  N.Y. p/b. 8vo. pp.73. fine.     Price: $12.00
  100. SILLITOE   ALAN  Three  Plays.  The  Slot   Machine-   The Interview-  Pit Strike. pub. Lond. W.H. Allen 1978  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.160. The Slot Machine; a three-act play, was his first excursion into drama and was originally performed in 1970 at the Roundhouse under the title, This Foreign Field. It has been revised especially for publication. The Interview; is a one-act play which takes as its subject the plight of a woman in Russia who wants to emigrate to Israel. Janet Suzman, Colin Blakely and Gerry Sundquist played the central characters in a production of the play at St. Martin-in-the-Fields. The third play, Pit Strike; is based on a short story and appeared to great critical acclaim on BBC television. Its protagonist is a coal miner from Nottinghamshire who goes south to help picket a Thames Valley power station; he is a man who does not claim to be religious but who finds his chief comfort in the Bible. His second book of fiction, The Lonliness of the Long-Distance Runner, was awarded the coveted Hawthornden Prize for Literature in 1959. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  101. SINCLAIR ANDREW Adventures In The Skin Trade. A play from the  novel by Dylan Thomas. II Acts. (15  characters)  pub. Lond. 1967 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.90.     Price: $25.00
  102. SIX  AUSTRALIAN  ONE-ACT  PLAYS By  Louis  Esson, Kathleen Carroll, Charles Porter, Lionel Shave, Catherine Shepherd, Leslie  Rees. (The Drovers, Office Interlude,  Nellie Lucy and  the Bushranger, That's Murder!  Delphiniums, Mother's Day.  pub. Syd. Mulga Pub. 1944 1st.ed. or card  bds. grey d/w. 12mo. pp.122. small stain to front of d/w. else v/good     Price: $30.00
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  152. WILDE OSCAR   The Importance Of Being Earnest. illus. with 6 full  page dwgs. by Sheila Jackson, title page  vign.  pub. Lond. The  Grey Walls Press 1948 d/w.  8vo.  pp.86. d/w. chipped top & bottom at spine otherwise fine.     Price: $25.00     Convert Currency   Parcel Costs
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  165. WILLIAMS TENNESSEE 3 plays. The Rose Tatto / Camino Real / Orpheus  Descending.  pub. Lond. Penguin  1983  p/b. 12mo. pp.348.     Price: $12.50
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  171. WILLIAMSON DAVID Brilliant Lies. illus.  with 3 full page plates t/out. pub.  Syd.  Currency Press 1993 p/b. 12mo. pp.88.  examines the complex layers of truth, half-truth and lies which must be examined when an accusation of sexual harassment comes before a conciliator at the Anti-Discrimination board. Previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, otherwise fine.   Price: $17.50 
  172. WILLIAMSON DAVID  Top Silk. (9 characters  II.Acts) illus.  with 3 full page plates t/out. pub.  Syd.  Currency Press 2003 p/b. 12mo. pp.74. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, covers in clear plastic else fine.   Price: $20.00
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