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  1. ANSON PETER F.   Fisher Folk-Lore. Old Customs, Taboos & Superstitions Among Fisher Folk Especially in Brittany & Normandy & on the East Coast of Scotland. illus. with frontis. pub. London: The Faith Press, 1965 1st. ed. or. dark blue cl. 8vo. pp.176. Almost fine copy.     Price: $65.00
  2. APPLIN  ARTHUR Philandering Angler. with frontis.  & 10 reproduced  eng.  by Denys  Watkins-Pitchford.  pub.  Lond. Hurst & Blackett nd.194-? or.pict. 8vo. pp.176.    Price: $90.00  Convert Currency
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  3. AUSTRALIAN  Fishing And Hunting. Guide No.1 by the  Editor of  Motor Manual. illus. with plates, dgms.,  maps,  advts. some  full page pub. Melb. A Keith Winser Publication  1952 or.  blu.& yell. illus.wps. 8vo. pp.162. sl.  silverfishing to top right cnr. of front wrapper, otherwise fine.    Price: $25.00
  4. BAKER W. JNO Goldfish In Australia.  With  a section on Tropical Fish. illus. with col. frontis. title-vignette, & b/w. text plates t/out.  pub.  Syd. Grahame Book Co.  1947  2nd Revised Edition  roy.8vo. pp.86. Detailed guide to keeping goldfish in aquariums and ponds. Presentation plate to front free e/paper else very good copy.   Price: $35.00
  5. BALFOUR-KINNEAR  G.P.R.  Catching Salmon  And  Sea Trout. illus.  with  frontis. & 33 full page  plates  t/out.  pub. Lond. Thomas Nelson 1960 d/w. 8vo. pp.210,48.    Price: $45.00
  6. BARRETT  CHARLES    Water Life.  profusely illus.  with  plates t/out. 5 full page  pub.  Melb. (Sun Nature  Book No.4)  The  Sun  News   Pictorial   nd.193-? or.illus.wps. 4to. pp.42. fine.    Price: $30.00
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  7. BATES JR. JOSEPH D. Streamer Fly Tying And Fishing. illus. with  numerous  col. plates, charts, &  dwgs.  pub.  U.S.A. Pennsylvania  Stackpole 1966 1st.ed.  d/w.  lge.8vo. XVI.368,10 pp. fine in chipped d/w.    Price: $60.00
  8. BEAMISH  COLONEL  D.W.  Trout And  Other  Fishing  In  New Zealand.  illus.  with frontis. & full page  plates  t/out. pub.  Lond.  Allen & Unwin 1953 1st.ed.  d/w.  8vo. pp.210. sl. spotting to f/free e/paper d/w. chipped.   Price: $75.00  Convert Currency
  9. BEEBE WILLIAM The Arcturus Adventure. An Account of the New Your Zoological Society's First Oceanographic Expedition. illus. with 77 photo plates in col. & maps, col. illus. e/papers pub. N.Y. Putmam 1926 1st ed. or. dark green cl. roy.8vo. glt. ltg. to spine and front board pp.XX.440. Six months aboard the steam yacht Arcturus through the Sargasso Sea, then to Cocos and Galapagos Achipelago. Very good copy.   Price: $75.00
  10. BERGMAN  RAY Trout. illus. with 16 full  page  fly-plates, text  dgms. Fly plates in full colour painted by Dr. Edgar Burke; photographs by Charles S. Krug and diagrams by Ivin Sickles. pub. N.Y. Alfred Knopf 1947 (first pub. 1938) or. maroon cl.   8vo. pp. 452. Very good copy.   Price: $50.00
  11. BERGMAN  RAY Trout. illus. with 16 full  page  fly-plates, text  dgms. Fly plates in full colour painted by Dr. Edgar Burke; includes new material by Edward C. James; pub. N.Y. Alfred Knopf 1984  d/w.  8vo. pp.XVIII.518,14. The trout fisherman's bible covers all the angling necessities. Short closed tear to d/w. else fine.   Price: $40.00
  12. BLACKWOOD R.LThe Quest Of The Trout. illus. with  tipped in b/w. frontis. & 4 tipped in plates, diagrams t/out. pub. Melb. Robertson  &  Mullens 1926 1st.ed.  or.  stiff  pic. (photo plate) card wrappers restored to spine with light tan cloth, . 4to. pp.106. Tape marks near restored spine, and inside some pages. New e/papers, name to half-title page, very nicely restored. Very good condition.   Price: $400.00      (See picture-press   )  
  13. BLACKWOOD  R.L. The Quest Of The  Trout.  illus.  with 2 diagrams  pub.  Melb. Robertson & Mullens  nd.195-?  illus. stiff card 12mo. pp.78.    Price: $45.00
  14. BLADES  WILLIAM F. -  Fishing Flies And Fly  Tying.  American Insects,  Including  Nymphs  and  Crustaceans.  with  col. frontis.  &  many  plates  t/out.  some  col.  pub.  U.S.A. Stackpole  Co.  Pennsylvania  1962  d/w.   roy.8vo. pp.320. lacks f/free e/paper. fine in the chipped d/w.    Price: $120.00  Convert Currency
  15. BORGER  GARY  A. Nymphing A Basic Book. An easy  guide  to identifying,  tying  and Fishing Artificial  Nymphs.  illus. with  text  dwgs. by Robert H. Pils pub.  U.S.A.  Stackpole Books 1979 d/w. 8vo. pp.192. Fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  16. BOYLE ROBERT H. & Whitlock Dave. The Fly-Tyer's Almanac. illus. with Colour plates, b/w. photographs, pub. New York Crown Publishers 1975 1st ed. d/w. 4to. pp.XII.242. "A practical, fully illustrated guide to the latest advances and development in fly tying, including more than 20 proven patterns for fresh- and saltwater, described by their creators-new materials, tools, and techniques-profiles of famous tyers-helpful scientific studies-and much more" Short closed ter to d/w. else near fine.   Price: $55.00
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  17. BRENNAND GEORGE The Fisherman's Handbook Trout, Salmon and Sea Trout with notes on Coarse Fishing. illus. with col. frontis. (flys) and many full page plates t/out. Five coloured plates of flies, diagrams, with wood engravings by Colin Gibson. pub. London 1951 1st. ed. or. brown cl. 8vo. pp.288. Very good condition.  Price: $45.00
  18. BRIDGES  ANTHONY  Modern Salmon Fishing.  illus.  with  17 plates  &  34  line illus. pub. Lond. A. &  C.  Black  1969 2nd.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.230,21. Fine copy.   Price: $30.00
  19. BROOKS  CHARLES  E. The Trout And  The  Stream. Teaching approach  to practical trout fishing  and  better trout-stream conservation. illus. with b/w. plates,  line dwgs  t/out.  by Dave Whitlock pub. N.Y. Nick  Lyons  Books nd.198-? p/b. 4to. pp.216.     Price: $30.00
  20. BROOKS  CHARLES E. - Nymph Fishing For Larger Trout. with 2 full  page plates & numerous illus. by David Whitlock  pub. N.Y. Crown 1976 d/w. 4to. pp.184.    Price: $35.00
  21. BROOKS  CHARLES E. Nymph Fishing For Larger Trout. with  2 full  page plates & numerous illus. by David Whitlock  pub. N.Y. Crown 1976 d/w. 4to. pp.184. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  22. BROOKS JOE Complete Book Of Fly Fishing. with many  illus. t/out. pub. U.S.A. (Outdoor Life) 1963 2nd.ed.  d/w. roy.8vo. pp.352,17. America's top fly caster covers tackle, techniques and artistry of fly fishing for all species of fresh and salt-water fish. Fine in sl. chipped d/w.   Price: $40.00
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  23. BROOKS  JOE  Trout Fishing. illus.  with  numerous  plates t/out.  pub. N.Y. Harper & Row (An Outdoor Life Book)  1972 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.302.     Price: $55.00
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  24. BROOKS  JOE Trout Fishing. revised ed. illus. with  dwgs. by Tom Beecham,  t/out.  photo  plates  by  R.  Valentine Atkinson, t/out. Fly Plates by Joseph D. Bates Jr. (8  full page) pub. N.Y. Outdoor Life Books 1985  d/w.  4to. pp.218. Slight shelf wear to dustwrapper, otherwise fine.   Price: $35.00
  25. BRYMER J.H.P. Guide to Tropical Fishkeeping illus. with colour and b/w, illustrations and tables; pub. London: Water Life, 1954 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.336 Very useful reference book on keeping tropical fish. Remarkable photographs of fish; with an Index to scientific names of fish. Fine copy.   Price: $40.00
  26. BUTCHER  A. DUNBAVIN The Freshwater Fish Of  Victoria And Their Food.  illus. with 7 text fig., 6  plates,  diagrams t/out.  Melb.  Fisheries and Game Dept.  Vic.  1950  original brown cloth, title in black on front board, roy.8vo. pp.64. From the Foreword, '….intended to be of interest to all classes of anglers, from those who set out to catch the lordly Murray Cod or lure the wily trout to his doom, to those more modest folk who are content with a bag of the succulent blackfish' Very good copy.   Price: $35.00
  27. BUTCHER  A.  DUNBAVIN  G.T.  THOMPSON  Fish  Farming. Management of water for fish production. Fisheries pamphlet No.3. illus.  with several text plates t/out.  pub.  Melb. Fisheries & Game Dept. 1947 or.wps. 8vo. pp.36     Price: .$30.00
  28. "CADDIS" Freshwater  Fishing. illus. with  dwgs.  plates t/out.  pub.  Syd. AFCO Pub. nd.1960 or.  red  &  yell. wps. cr.8vo. pp.86. fine.     Price: $15.00
  29. CALDWELL N. and N. ELLISON Fangs Of The Sea. with text-illus. e/paper maps; pub. Sydney Angus & Robertson 1939 or. light blue cloth black titles cr.8vo. pp.X,282. Peril and adventure in shark fishing for a living. Slight shelf wear else very good copy.   Price: $75.00

  30. CAMERA PHIL   Fly Tying With Synthetics Patterns & Techniques. profusely illus. with plates t/out. 16 full page & col. pub. Stillwater MN Voyageur Press 1992 d/w. 4to. pp.190. Over 175 patterns and fly tying techniques using larva lace and other synthetics. Very fine.   Price: $60.00
  31. CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL  H.  Fishing.  Salmon  &  Trout. The Badminton  Library  illus. with 9 full page  plates  t/out. pub. Lond. Longmans 1901 eighth imp. 8vo.  pp.481,8. some  spotting t/out. sl. wear & fading to cl. otherwise  a very good copy.     Price: $85.00.   Convert Currency
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  32. COLEFAX  G.W.  Fishing Adverbs. How To Fish When  to  Fish. Where to fish and the Whys of Fishing Methods. illus.  with several text illus. pub. Syd. nd.195-? wps. 8vo. pp.64.    Price: $25.00
  33. COLEMAN NEVILLE Australian Sea Fishes South of 30°S. illus. with e/paper  maps  & almost 300 colour photographs this guide describes one third of Australia's marine fish families; pub. Syd. Lane Cove Doubleday 1980 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.302. Australian Sea Fishes North of 30°S. e/paper  maps  almost 300 full-colour photographs and location maps, index, and author biography; pub. Syd. Lane Cove Doubleday 1981 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp. 298. Each of the photographed species is accompanied by details of family, common & scientific name. Very good copies in dustwrappers. Two vols.   Price: $95.00
  34. COLLYER  DAVID  J. Fly-Dressing. illus. with 91  dwgs.  by Derek Bradbury  & 8 pages of col. full  page  plates  pub. Lond. David & Charles 1985 d/w. 8vo. pp.240.  Very fine.   Price: $40.00
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  35. COPPLESON V.M. Shark Attack. A Study of Swimmers, Surfers, Skin  Divers, Shipwreck Survivors and Sharks.  illus.  with frontis. & 14 full page plates t/out., map, and text  dgms. contains  record  of all shark attacks from  1919-57.  pub. Syd.  Angus  &  Robertson 1958  1st.ed.  or light blue cl. d/w.  8vo. pp.XVI.266. Slight shelf wear, otherwise near fine.   Price: $45.00   Convert Currency
  36. COSTON TOWNER H.E. The Swift Trout. A Tale of Trout in Two Rivers.  illus. with 25 full page plates t/out. pub.  Lond. Collins 1946 2nd Revised Ed. d/w. 12mo. pp.IX.160. Introduction of brown trout to New Zealand, tells of the parallel stories of two trout, offsping of the same trout farm. Fish from same hatchery are planted in Tongario River, NZ and the River Itchen. England.   Price: $25.00
  37. CROPP BEN Shark Hunters. with 40 full page plates  t/out. some  col.  &  text illus. pub. Adel.  Rigby  1964  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.192. Ben Cropp's classic account of undersea experiences with sharks both friendly and otherwise, and with other sea creatures such as gropers and sea snakes. Very good copy.   Price: $35.00
  38. CROSSE  MALCOLM Compiler & Robert Sloane Editor. Australia's Best Trout Flies. illus. with colour photographs, line illustrations pub. Hobart Fly Fish Australia 1997 1st edition.. or. black cl. cr.4to. pp.136. fine.    Price: $75.00
  39. DAWES MIKE The Flytier's Companion.  illus.  with  col. frontis. & col. text plates t/out. dwgs. in text. pub.  New Zealand SeTo Pub. 1989 d/w. 4to. pp.160.    Price: $40.00
  40. DER SPORTFISCHER  Mit Dam Gerät Und Damyl – Katalog. Nr.26 Sportfishing catalogue. illus. with col. flies rods, reels etc, many full page; pub. Germany nd. 1956 or. stiff col. illus. gloss wrappers, picture of fish on front wrapper; cr.12mo. pp.126. Well used, corners little bent, else good copy and complete.   Price: $45.00
  41. DOOGUE R.B. Hook Line And Sinker. illus. with frontis.  16 full page plates, & many dwgs. t/out. pub. Wellington  N.Z. 1967 1st.ed. d/w. roy.8vo. pp.328. Sea-angling for Australian and New Zealand waters. Near fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  42. DRAPER  KEITH Trout Flies In New Zealand. illus.  with  4 full  page  col.  plates of flies, numerous drawings to the text e/paper  illus. Appendices, bibliography, glossary of terms. pub. N.Z. Wellington 1971  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.182. Gift inscription to verso of front free endpaper else fine copy.  Price: $35.00
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  43. EDGAR GRAHAM  J. Peter R. Last Malcolm W.  Wells. Coastal Fishes  Of Tasmania And Bass Strait. illus. with  142  col. plates,  checklist of fishes, index of common names, index of scientific names. Photographs taken by the members of the Tasmanian Underwater Photographic Society. pub. Hobart Cat & Fiddle Press 1982 1st.ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp.176.   Price: $55.00  Convert Currency
  44. EUNSON ROBERT   The Pearl King. The Story of the Fabulous Mikimoto illus. with 33 black-and-white photograph plates; pub. London Angus and Robertson 1956 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XII.208 Life story of a street peddler of noodles & seafood who invented the process to create cultured pearls, introduced them to the world & became one of Japan's richest & most beloved men. He died in 1954, aged 96. Price-clipped & slightly chipped d/w. else very good.   Price: $35.00
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  45. FARLOW'S HARDY BROTHERS  To Cast A Trout Fly. A  step-by-step  guide  for  the modern angler.  illus.  with  many diagrams  t/out.  pub.  U.K. Farlow's And  Hardy  Bros.  in conjunction  with Scientific Anglers Inc. of America. nd. limp printed boards, pp.36 Fine.    Price: $30.00

  46.  FERNIE  F. Dry-Fly Fishing In Border Waters.  illus.  with frontis.  & one full page plate index, two full page drawings; pub. Lond. Adam  &  Charles Black 1912  or. moss grn. cl., dec. to spine   8vo.  pp.VIII.136. Almost fine.   Price: $65.00
  47. FERRIS  GEORGE The Trout Are Rising. A Comprehensive  work on Fly-Fishing in New Zealand. Foreword by Sir Joseph Ward; illus. with over 30 dwgs.  & diagrams pub. Adel Heinemann 1967 reprint d/w.  8vo. pp.184.XI. Fine copy.   Price: $65.00
  48. FERRIS  GEORGE  The  Trout & I. illus. with  6  full  page plates t/out. pub. Adel. Griffin Press 1970 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.155. Anecdotes from sixty years of fishing. Fine copy.   Price: $40.00
  49. FISHERMEN-SALT  WATER. illus. with dwgs. t/out.  many  full page  pub.  U.S.A.  Lane Book Co.  1964  d/w.  8vo. pp.338. fine in the sl. torn d/w.    Price: $25.00
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  50. FREY HANS  Illustrated Dictionary Of Tropical Fishes With more than a 1000+ colour & b/w. photos, illustrations, line drawings of fishes, plants, snails & maps; some in col. pub. London T.F.H. Publications 1961 or. illustrated laminated boards, 8vo. pp.768. The illustrated dictionary of tropical fishes has been enlarged and more than 800 additional photographs of aquarium fishes, plants and snails have been added to make identification and recognition more simple, breeding, feeding, illnesses and proper aquarium management are completely covered for each species.    Price: $35.00
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  51. GATHERCOLE  PETER The Handbook Of Fly Tying.  illus.  with col.  text plates t/out. line illustrations, pub. U.K. The Crowood  Press  1991 d/w. 4to. pp.188. Chapters on Preparatory Techniques, Style and Proportion, Tails, Bodies, Hackles and Legs, Wings etc. Fine copy.   Price: $50.00
  52. GILMOUR  DON Trout Fishing In Australia. profusely  illus. t/out.  with plates many full page & col. pub. Melb.  Rigby 1977 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.166. Where trout are to be found, how they behave, and how they may be caught. Looks at various fishing conditions, locations (alpine steams, lakes, rivers, or coastal estuaries), methodologies - spinning, fly, etc. Fine copy.   Price: $65.00  Convert Currency
  53. GLOERFELT-TARP  THOMAS  &  Patricia  J.  Kailola. Trawled Fishes  Of Southern Indonesia And  Southwestern  Australia. profusely  illus. with plates t/out. many full page &  col. pub.  Aust. Development Assistance Bureau, The  Directorate General  for  Fisheries, the German  Agency  for  Technical Cooperation. nd.1981 d/w. roy.4to. pp.XVI.406.     Price: $200.00
  54. GRANT E.M. Guide To Fishes. profusely illus. t/out.  with plates  mostly full page pub. Brisb.  Co-ordinator  General Dept. 1975 d/w. 4to. pp.640. Price: $50.00
  55. GREY  ZANE Tales Of Fishes. illus. with frontis. & 9  full page  plates  t/out. from photos by the author  pub.  Lond. Hodder  &  Stoughton  nd. 1919? or. red cl.  pp.320.  cloth has  been repaired at spine, v/good copy.   Price: $100.00
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  56. GRIFFITHS F.A.D. ("Fadg")  The Lure Of Fly-Tying. profusely illus. with plates throughout, some full page and col. illus. Sydney 1978 1st ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp.424. name on f/free e/paper else fine copy.    Price: $75.00  Convert Currency
  57. GRIFFITHS FADG     Australian Trout Anglers’ Insects illus. with numerous drawings and colour plates. pub. Sydney Murray Book Distributors Australia 1978 or. pictorial card covers 12mo. pp.207 fine copy.    Price: $25.00
  58. HARDY WAL The Saltwater Angler. The complete  how-to-do-it book for Australian and New Zealand Fishermen. with  illus. e/papers & 32 b/w. full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Murray nd.196-? d/w. 8vo. pp.304.     Price: $30.00
  59. HARRIS  J.R.  An  Angler's Entomology. with col.  &  b/w. plates  t/out.  inc. 32 full page plates of  insects.  pub. Lond. Collins 1956 rev.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.267. Minimal wear, a small chip top & bottom of dust wrapper, near fine.   Price: $55.00
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  60. HARTLEYS (Lyne, C. R.) Facts For Anglers. illus. with several  diagrams, dwgs. t/out. pub. Melb. nd.195-? illus.wps.  12mo.  pp.46. sl. w/stained to text.     Price: $25.00
  61. HARTLEYS (Lyne, C. R.)  Hints For Anglers. with many illus  &  diagrams t/out.  pub.  Melb.  195-?  illus.wps.  12mo.  pp.48.   sl. silverfished.     Price: $25.00
  62. HARVEY  GEORGE  W. Techniques Of Trout  Fishing  And  Fly Tying.  illus. with dwgs. t/out. pub. U.S.A. Metz  Hatchery 1985 p/b. 8vo. pp.X.116.   Price: $25.00   
  63. HEACOX  CECIL E. The Complete Brown Trout. with b/w.  line dwgs. by  Wayne Trimm 4 full page col.  plates  pub.  N.Y. Winchester Press 1974 d/w. 8vo. pp.182. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  64. HEDGE JOHN Trout Fishing In New South Wales. illus.  with numerous plates t/out. 2 col. & 17 maps charts, pub. Syd. 1962 or. green cl. d/w. 8vo. pp.176. Limited to 500 copies and signed by John Hedge. A near fine copy in a clean bright dustwrapper.   Price: $600.00
  65. HEDGE JOHN Trout Fishing In New South Wales. illus.  with numerous plates t/out. 2 col. & 17 maps, charts, pub. Syd. Abbey Publishing 1962 1st. ed. or. green cl. d/w. 8vo. pp.176. Lacks front free e/paper, dustwrapper closed tear at spine & light edgewear, chip to lower panel at spine, boards fine.  Price: $225.00
  66. HEDGE JOHN Trout Fishing In New South Wales. illus.  with numerous plates t/out. 2 col. & 17 maps, charts, complete with large fold out map in pocket at rear. pub. Syd. Abbey Publishing 1963 second edition. or. green cl. d/w. 8vo. pp.176. The second edition includes material not in the first edition published a year earlier, namely a chapter on spinning for trout. Front free e/paper slight mark, dustwrapper slight chip top of spine else near fine.   Price: $300.00
  67. HEMINGWAY  JACK Misadventures Of A Fly Fisherman. My  Life with  and  without Papa. illus. with 32 full  page  plates t/out. pub. U.S.A. Dallas Taylor Pub. Co. 1986 d/w. 8vo. pp.326. Parachuting into occupied France as an OSS secret agent, clutching a fly rod along with standard gear, Jack Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's oldest son, led a pretty adventurous life on his own. Fine copy.   Price: $35.00
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  68. HENN  T.R.  Practical Fly-Tying. illus.  with  frontis.  3 plates  &  137 text drawings   t/out. pub. Lond. Adam & Charles  Black  1966 d/w. 8vo. pp.127,8. Near fine copy.   Price: $30.00
  69. HERTER GEORGE LEONARD Professional Fly-Tying And Spinning. Lure  making  manual. with 4 full page col. plates  &  many text  illus.  t/ U.S.A. 1969 rev.ed.  or.wps.  8vo. pp.192.     Price: $25.00
  70. HILL  LES  & Graeme Marshall Catching  Trout. profusely illus. with plates t/out. 16 full page & col. line dwgs. by Grant Winter pub. N.Z. Auckland Halcyon Pub. Co. 1991   or. card wrappers, (paperback), pp.4to. pp.130. Guide to the basics of fly casting and presentation with an emphasis on river fishing for New Zealand trout. Fine.   Price: $30.00
  71. HILL RAYMOND Wings And Hackle. A Pot-Pourri Of Fly Fishing For Trout & Grayling And Of Notes On bird Life. Chiefly In Hampshire,  Devon and Derbyshire. pub. Lond.  E.B.  Horwood 1912 8vo. pp.288. fine copy.    Price: $100.00   Convert Currency
  72. HILL  WILLIAM & Graeme Marshall Stalking Trout.  A  Serious Fisherman's  Guide. Profusely illus. with plates t/out.  16 full  page & col. text dwgs. pub. N.Z. Auckland  SeTo  Pub. 1989 p/b. 4to. pp.148. Near fine copy.   Price: $35.00
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