Abbreviations used in these lists

advts. = advertisements crm. = cream n.d. = no date
Adel. = Adelaide C. = Circa n.p. no publisher
  approx.   =   approximately                              
  a.e.g     all edges gilt The top,
fore-edge and foot of the
book are gilded in gold
    col.   =   coloured     N.Y.   =   New York  
blk. = black dec. = decorated obl. = oblong
Disbound Descriptive term for a book or pamphlet or ephemera which has been removed from its binding.
d/w. = dustwrapper
  bds.   =   boards     ed.   =   Edited by                
  brn.   =   brown     ed.   =   edition         =      
  b/w.   =   black and white     e/paper   =   end paper     or.   =   original
  cl.   =   cloth     f/free   =   front free     orng.   =   orange  
cf. = calf frontis. = frontispiece pub. = published
  4to.   =   quarto A book between octavo and folio, approximately 11 to 13 inches tall. To make a quarto, a sheet of paper is folded twice, forming four leaves  i.e. eight pages..    


    pp.   =   pages  
  cr.4to.   =   crown quarto     grn.   =   green     qtr.   =   quarter  
  8vo   =   octavo  About five inches wide and eight inches tall to about six by nine inches. Octavo is the most common size for current hardcover books. To make octavo books, each sheet of paper is folded to make eight leaves i.e.16 pages.                   qtr.lth
uarter leather
quarter calf
A book with a leather spine.
  roy.8vo   =   royal octavo     hf.   =   half     sp.   =   spine  
  12mo   =   duodecimo A book
roughly seven to eight inches tall
  16mo   =   sextodecimo A small book,
approximately four inches wide
and six inches tall. To make it,
each sheet of paper is folded
four times, forming sixteen
leaves i.e. 32 pages.
  half calf
half leather
A term indicating that the spine
and the corners of a book are
bound in leather or calf, while
the rest of the binding may be
cloth or paper.
    recto   =  
a. A leaf or one side of a leaf, as of a book, letter, newspaper, or manuscript: tore a page from the book.
b. The writing or printing on one side of a leaf.
  24mo   =   Book that is up to 5 " tall.                   sm.   =   small  
  32mo   =   Up to 5" tall     illus.   =   illustrated     sl.   =   slight  
  48mo   =   up to 4" tall     ltg.   =   lettering     Syd.   =   Sydney  
  64mo   =   up to 3" tall.     Lond.   =   London     t.e.g.   =   top edge gilt  
  folio   =   up to 15" tall     lt.   =   light     t/out.   =   throughout  
  elephant folio   =   up to 23" tall.     Melb.   =   Melbourne     yell.   =   yellow  
  atlas folio   =   up to 25" tall.     M.U.P.   =   Melbourne University Press     wps.   =   wrappers  
  double folio   =   up to 50" tall.     n.p.   =   no publisher     vign.   =   vignette