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  1. ADDIS WILLIAM E. THOMAS ARNOLD A Catholic Dictionary. Containing some account of the Doctrine, Discipline, Rites, Ceremonies, Councils, and Religious Orders of the  Catholic Church. with frontis. pub. Lond. Virtue & Co. Ltd. 1954 or. maroon cl. roy.8vo. pp.VIII.844. Very good copy.    Price: $65.00
  2. ADVOCATE-The Broken run of The Advocate The Australian Illustrated Weekly Melbourne. illus. with avts. photo plates, t/out. pub. Melbourne Francis Moynihan at 'The Advocate' Office; original stapled wrappers folio pp.36-48 approx. per issue. Every Thursday.


    June 30 1927

    July 1 1937

    Sept 16 1937

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    May 13 1937

    Dec 16 1937

    Feb 20 1930

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    Feb 27 1930

    June 3 1937

    March 24 1938

    March 20 1930

    July 29 1937

    March 31 1938

    Aug 2 1934

    Aug 5 1937

    April 14 1938

    April 15 1937

    Aug 12 1937

    April 28 1938

    April 29 1937

    Sept 2 1937

    May 6 1943
    33 issues, except for two having scuff marks all in very good condition.    Price: $295.00   (See pictures-press   )


  3. ALBERTSON  S. J.  CLINTON  Anglo-Saxon  Saints  And Heroes. illus.  with map & 12 full page plates t/out.  pub.  U.S.A. Fordham University Press 1967 d/w. 8vo. pp.XVI.348. Very good copy.    Price: $45.00
  4. ALLEN MAREE G. The Labourers' Friends. Sisters of Mercy in Victoria  and Tasmania. with e/paper illus. & 38 full  page plates  t/out. pub. Melb. Hargreen Pub. Co. in  conjunction with  Sisters  of  Mercy Melb.  congregation  1989  1st.ed. gold pict.d/w. roy 8vo. pp.XIV.242. Very good copy.    Price: $35.00
  5. ALEXANDER MARC  British Folklore, Myths And Legends illus. with black & white and colour, maps endpapers illustrated with Morris Dancers, pub. London Weidenfeld Nicolson 1982 d/w. 4to. pp.224. From the mock-Viking ship funeral in the Orkneys to the fertility trees of Cornwall. Britain's rich and varied folklore, legends and beliefs, providing a unique insight into the island's turbulent history. Neat owners inscription f/free e/paper else fine.    Price: $45.00
  6. ANDERSEN JOHANNES C.  Myths And Legends Of The Polynesians illus. with Sixteen plates in colour by Richard Wallwork. Thirty-two plates in half-tone and other illustrations, and fold. Map; pub. London : Harrap 1928 1st. ed. or. blue decorated cloth d/w. Gilt lettering to spine and front board, roy.8vo. pp.512. Fine copy in slightly defective d/w.    Price: $130.00
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  7. ANGUS S. The Religious Quests Of The Graeco-Roman World. study in the historical background of Early  Christianity. pub.  Lond.  1929 1st.ed.  8vo.  pp.XX.444.  sl. flecked to bds. Good copy.    Price: $70.00      Convert Currency   Parcel Costs
  8. ANONYMOUS  The Persecution Of The Catholic Church In The Third Reich Facts & Documents Translated From The German illus. with 16 illustrations (plates) appendices, index ; pub. London: Burns & Oates 1940 1st. ed. original navy cloth with title in gilt on spine 8vo. pp.366. Very good copy, firm binding, clean text.   Price: $65.00
  9. ASAD MUHAMMAD (translator and annotator) The Message Of The Qur'an. Appendices. pub. Gibraltar: Dar Al-Andalus, 1984 softcover cr.4to. pp.998 fine.    Price: $60.00
  10. BAILEY JAMES  The God-Kings And The Titans. The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times. illus. with b/w. photos, numerous line-drawings, maps. Appendices, Bibliography and Index. pub. London Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. 1973 d/w. 4to. pp.350. Mystery of the Titans is solved. Four thousand years before Christ, the Sumerians, Aryans and Semites sailed from the Old World to the New crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific. in order to expand their mining operations. Fine copy.   Price: $45.00
  11. BATLEY A.W. The Boomerang Returns. The Story of the Church Army  in  Australia. illus. with frontis. &  10  full  page plates  t/out.  pub.  N.S.W.  Church  Army  in  Aust.  1955 or.blu.wps. 12mo. pp.52. Very good copy.    Price: $20.00
  12. BARRACLOUGH  GEOFFREY (Ed.) The Christian World.  A Social and  Cultural History. profusely illus. with plates,  dwgs. t/out.  many full page & col. pub. N.Y. Abrams 1981 d/w. folio pp.328. Christianity in its widest sense, emphasizing its social and cultural impact and exploring the religious life of ordinary people as well as the rituals of cardinals and kings. Very good copy.    Price: $70.00
  13. BARRETT JOHN That Better Country. The Religious aspect  of life  in  Eastern Australia 1835-1850. illus. with  2  full page  plates t/out. pub. Melb. M.U.P. 1966  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XVI.214. Examines in detail some of the important relations between the Churches, the Governments and the people in eastern Australia during the years 1835 to 1850. Very good copy.    Price: $35.00
  14. BARRETT W.R.  History of the Church Of England in Tasmania. illus. with 16 black and white photos, pub. Hobart Mercury Press 1942 or. stiff cloth-backed papered cardboard cut flush, 8vo. pp.92. Begins with the early days of 1804 and goes up to WW2. Title page cut, not effecting title else near fine.   Price: $45.00
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  15. BENSON C. IRVING A Century Of Victorian Methodism.  illus. with  frontis.  &  18 full page plates  t/out.  pub.  Melb. Spectator Pub. Co. 1935 1st.ed. 12mo. pp.528. Articles by A. Wesley Amos, H. A. Overend, C. C. Dugan, J. C. Lawton, E. Nye, T. C. Rentoul, J. H. Cain and the editor. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, otherwise very good copy.   Price: $65.00 
  16. BIRT HENRY NORBERT Benedictine Pioneers In Australia. Two vols. illus. with frontis. & 8 full page portrait plates t/out. pub. Lond. Herbert Daniel 1911 or. 8vo. pp. Vol.I.XIV.504. Vol.II.516. The earliest Catholic priests in Australia were the English Benedictines. Near fine set.   Price: $300.00
  17. BOURKE  D.F.   The History Of The  Vincentian  Fathers  In Australasia. illus. with many plates t/out. some full  page pub. Melb. Congregation of the Mission nd.1978? d/w. 4to. pp.244. Covers a period of nearly one hundred years when two Vincentian Friars commenced work in Sydney at the invitation of Cardinal Moran. Near fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  18. BRADY E.J. Doctor Mannix. Archbishop of Melbourne. illus. with full page plate portrait of Dr. Mannix, 1 text illustration; pub. Melb. Library of National Biography 1934 title lettered in gilt on spine and front board, (faded) 8vo. pp.312. sl/soiled to spine otherwise v/good.   Price: $65.00
  19. BRAILSFORD  MABEL  RICHMOND Quaker Women  1650-1690. Lond. Duckworth  &  Co.  1915  or.  olive-beige  cl.  8vo. pp.X.340. sl. rubbed to spine else v/good.    Price: $65.00      Convert Currency   Parcel Costs
  20. BRENNAN  NIALL Dr. Mannix. illus. with 2  col. plates and many  b/w. throughout, couour portrait of Daniel Mannix by Jack Cato.   pub. Adelaide, Rigby  1964  1st.ed. d/w. lg.8vo. pp.336. Biography of Irishman who was Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne for 50 years. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, very good in the slightly worn chipped d/w.   Price: $35.00
  21. BRIEF Statement Of The Chief Doctrinal Differences  Existing Between  The Evangelical Lutheran Synod In Australia, And  the United Evangelical Lutheran Church  in  Australia. pub.  Adel.  reprint from  "Australian  Theological  Review 1936" or.wps. 8vo. pp.30. Very good.   Price: $25.00
  22. BRIGHTON Congregational Church. Black Street. Brighton Vic. Centenary  Celebrations 1853-1953. illus. with 3 full  page plates t/out. pub. Melb. 1953 or.crm. folded card tied with blue ribbon at spine, cr.8vo. pp.16. fine.    Price: $25.00
  23. BROWN JUDITH M. Augustus Short, D.D. Bishop of  Adelaide. illus. with 8 full page plates t/out. pub. Adel. Hodge Pub. House 1973 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.258. Fine copy. Price: $35.00
  24. BULFINCH  THOMAS Bulfinch's Mythology. The Age  of Fable, The  Age  of Chivalry, Legends of Charlemagne.  pub. Lond. Spring Books 1966 d/w. 8vo. pp.680. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  25. BURLAND V.A. The Gods Of Mexico. illus. with 8 full age plates t/out. pub. Lond. Eyre & Spottiswoode 1967 1st ed. or. light red cl. 8vo. pp.XIV.220. A study of the ancient religion of Mexico which explains the meaning behind its beliefs & practices & relates them to human behaviour in primitive society.  Slightly faded to spine else very good copy.  Price: $40.00
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  26. BURROWS  MILLAR The Dead Sea Scrolls. The  Full  Account. With  translations of the Principal Scrolls. illus. with  2 maps & 7 full page plates pub. Lond. Secker & Warburg  1956 d/w. 8vo. pp.XV.436. Very good copy.    Price: $40.00
  27. BURROWS  MILLAR More Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls New Scrolls and Interpretations with Translations of Important Recent Discoveries; illus. with   frontis. map of the Qumran community excavated on the western shores of the Dead Sea. index; bibliography; pub. Lond. Secker & Warburg  1958 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XV.434. Fine copy. Price: $40.00
  28. BYARD TREVOR Merriment Of Parsons with b/w. illustrations, pub. Melbourne Victoria Neptune Press 1982 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.212. Being the reminiscences of a Tasmanian boyhood, and the remembrances of a Ministry within the Methodist Church in Tasmania, Victoria, and South Australia. Fine copy.      Price: $25.00
  29. CARLTON  METHODIST MISSION "Our Herald" The Official Organ of  the Carlton Methodist Mission. for  Sept  1914 (lacks cover)  1915 May-July Vol.1 No.4 (lacks rear wp.)  1917 (4 Issues quarterly) 1918 (3) 1919 (1) 1920 (3) 1921 (2)  1922 (4) 1923 (3) 1924 (3) 1925 (4) 1926 (4) 1927 (4) 1928  (4) 1929 (4) 1930 (3 one lacks f/wp.) 1931 (5 one double)  1932 (3)  1933 (4) 1934 (4) 1935 (4) 1936 (3) 1937 (3) 1938  (4) 1939 (4) 1940 (1) 87 in all a very good run of this periodical  with only 1000 copy circulation, illus. with  several plates, advts. per issue pub. Melb., crm.,  pink wps. 16mo. pp.36 per issue approx. v/good condition.    Price: $650.00
  30. CARR Rev. THOMAS JOSEPH Lectures And Replies. The Church and the Bible; Primacy of the Roman Pontiff; Primacy Further Considered; Origin of the Church of England; Church of England and the Church Catholic. illus. with frontis. pub. Melbourne The Australian Catholic Truth Society, 1907 1st. ed. or. green cl. 8vo. pp.XXXI.796. Published on the occasion of the Archbishop of Melbourne's Jubilee. Presentation prize to front free e/paper else near fine.   Price: $55.00
  31. CATHOLIC CHURCH OF VICTORIA Some Of The Fruits Of Fifty Years  Annals Of The Catholic Church In Victoria. profusely illus. with photographic plates t/out. examples of churches and buildings owned by the church in Victoria in 1897. pub. A. H. Messina and Co., Melbourne, 1897 or. beige wrappers 4to. pp.150 approx. Text contains a brief church history of buildings and orders in Victoria. Chipped wrappers else very good copy.   Price: $115.00
  32. CATHOLIC  Church In Melbourne-The. (1848-1948) illus.  with many  b/w.  plates  t/out. some full page  pub.  Melb.  the Advocate  Press  1948 or.illus. blu.wps.  roy.4to.  pp.110. Slight shelf wear, otherwise v/good copy.   Price: $40.00
  33. CHRISTIAN  BROTHERS Mount St.Mary  Strathfield  N.S.W. illus.  with  title  page vign.  col.  text  plates  t/out. loosely inserted, map of Australia with location of schools &  col. picture of  Training  college  of  the  Christian Brothers. pub. Syd. nd.194-? or. maroon wps. 8vo. pp.12. Fine.    Price: $25.00
  34. CHURCH  OF ENGLAND Parish Record. Circulating  through the  Parish  & district of Warnambool. Nos. 69  April  17th 1915; 77  18 Dec. 1915; 98 15th Sept. 1917; 99  20th  Oct. 1917; 104  16 March 1918; (5 issues) illus.  with  advts., roll  of Honour pub. Vic. Warnambool or.wps. 4to. pp.8  per issue. sl. spotted & chipped else good copies.    Price: $50.00
  35. CLARKE  HENRY LOWTHER Studies In The English  Reformation. The  Morehouse  Lectures  l912. Henry  Lowther  Clarke  was formerly the Archbishop of Melbourne. illus. with  frontis. &  5  full  page  plates  t/out.  pub.  Lond.  Society  for Promoting  Christian  Knowledge 1912 glt.  to  spine 8vo. pp.XI.250.-VI.advts. Near fine.   Price: $55.00
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  36. CLARK ALBERT  E. The Church Of Our  Fathers.  Being the history  of the Church Of England in Gippsland,  1847-1947. Issued under the authority of the Bishop-in-Council of The Diocese of Gippsland: April 1947 d/w 8vo. pp.294. Slight chipping to d/w. otherwise  near fine.   Price: $45.00
  37. COATES Rev. HARPER HAVELOCK & Rev. Ryugaku Ishizuka, Honen The Buddhist Saint illus. with large fold out frontispiece, illus, e/papers, many plates t/out. pub. Japan: Chionin, 1925 1st ed. or. brown cl. gilt dec, to front board and spine; 8vo. pp.XCIV.956. Founder of the Pure Land School in Japan. Includes an introduction and notes, along with extensive selections from the writings of Honen. The chapter headings include; "Honen - Founder of the Jodo Sect," "Honen's Occult Powers," "Honen's Lay Followers," "Honen's Great Literary Works," and more. In Commemoration of the 750th anniversary of the founding of the Jodo sect. Very good copy.    Price: $600.00
  38. COLE  KEITH A History Of The Church Missionary Society  of Australia.   illus.  with  8  plates maps. appendix: List of Missionaries. Notes and References. Index. pub.  Melb.   Church Missionary  Historical Publication. 1971  d/w.  8vo. pp.370. The missionary society of the Anglican Church; Very good copy.   Price: $45.00
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  39. CRUDEN  ALEXANDER Complete Concordance To The Old And  New Testament. Dictionary and Alphabetical Index to the Bible. In two parts, to which is added Concordance to the Aporypha. illus.  with  copper-engraved frontispiece portrait of Cruden, pub.  Lond.  Religious  Tract Society  nd.  Preface to the third ed.  dated  1769 glt. to  spine,  mbled.  e/papers &  edges  super  roy.8vo. pp.XII.720. Very good.    Price: $600.00
  40. CURCIC  SLOBODAN DOULA MOURIKI Ed. by. The Twilight Of Byzantium. Aspects of Cultural and Religious History in the Late  Byzantine Empire. profusely illus. with  b/w.  plates t/out.  many  full  page  pub.  U.S.A.  Dept.  of  Art  and Archaeology program in Hellenic Studies Princeton Uni. 1991 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.XX.282. Very good copy.    Price: $250.00
  41. DANIELOU ALAIN Hindu Polytheism. Study of Hindu mythology. illus. with frontis. & 32 full page plates t/out. text diagrams pub. Lond. Routledge & Kegan Paul 1964 1st ed. or. red cl. cr.4to. pp.XXXII.538. Comprehensive study of Hinduism, explaining the significance of the Hindu gods. Very good.    Price: $150.00
  42. DEVRIES SIMON J.   Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow. Time and History in the Old Testament. pub. London W. B. Eerdmans Pub Co 1975 d/w. 8vo. pp.390. A systematic and comprehensive study of the biblical view of time and history as it occurs in the Old Testament. "The specific focus of the study is on the use and function of certain formal expressions involving the Hebrew word yom, 'day'. " Fine copy.    Price: $35.00
  43. DICKENS CHARLES The Life Of Our Lord. Written expressly for his children. illus. with frontis. & 9 full page plates t/out. pub. Lond. Associated Newspapers 1934 1st.ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp.128. near fine.   Price: $150.00    (See picture-press   )
  44. DOW  GWYNETH  M.  George Higinbotham.  Church  And State. Education in Australia Series illus. with frontis. & 5 full page  plates t/out. pub. Melb. Pitman 1964  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XII.216. Fine.   Price: $30.00
  45. EADIE JOHN  A New and Complete Concordance To The Holy Scriptures, on the Basis of Cruden.  pub.  London Charles Griffin and Company 1869. or. brown cl. gilt decor. on front cover and lettering to spine, 8vo. pp.VIII.568. Triple column text. Boards flecked, lower hinge of front hinge sl. loose, binding tight, good copy.   Price: $35.00
  46. EBSWORTH rev. WALTER A. St. Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne illus. with illustrated endpapers, profuse b/w. illustrations, appendices, supplementary index; pub. Melbourne St. Patrick's 1979 d/w. 4to. pp.VI.126. Fine copy.   Price: $45.00
  47. EDWARD Rev. Edward Isaac  Memoir  1856-1918. illus. with 4 tipped-in plates pub. Melb. nd.1918?  or.wps. 4to. pp.unnumbered (24). Pastor of Protestant Church Albert Street East Melbourne and formally Pastor of Reed Memorial Church in Launceston. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  48. EDWARD SULLIVAN (text) The Book Of Kells.  illus. with  24  full page tipped-in, single sided,  col.  plates. pub.  Lond. The `Studio' 1914 or. crm. & dk.  grey roy.4to. pp.VI.62. sl. spotty to edges else fine.    Price: $200.00
  49. EERDMANS Bible Dictionary. illus. with 12  full  page col.  maps,  text  illus. t/out.  pub.  U.S.A.  William  B. Eerdmans Pub. Co. 1987 d/w. roy.8vo. pp.1094. Fine.    Price: $50.00
  50. EVANS-WENTZ W.Y. The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. Or The After-Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, according to Lama Kaizi Dawa-Samdup's English Rendering. illus. with frontis. & 7 full page plates t/out. pub. London, Oxford Uni. Press 1957 or. green cl. glt.ltg. and dec. to spine, dec. to front bd. 8vo. pp.LXXXIV.250. a fine copy.    Price: $50.00
  51.  EWING JOHN F.  The Unsearchable Riches Of Christ And Other Sermons. With a Biographical Sketch By Henry Drummond illus. with frontispiece portrait, pub. Melbourne, Melville, Mullen & Slade, 1890 The memorial Volume or. maroon cloth, 8vo. pp.XXXIX.370. 20 sermons as preached by the Scots born minister to his congregation in Melbourne, Australia. Title page little browned, sl. shelf wear else fine.    Price: $45.00
  52. FARAGHER NONI  Prelude Fugue and Variations Letters to a Loved One from Chaplain T.C. Rentoul in World War One illus. with 13 b/w photographs pub. Melbourne, Spectrum 1989 or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.184. Thomas Craike Rentoul was commissioned in the Army as a Chaplain, with the rank of Captain, in 1916. His letters to his young fiancée cover life on the troopship as he voyaged to Egypt, and then as he travelled to England and later to France. The horror and tragedy of war stand in stark contrast against the loving thoughts and advice for his fiancée. Signed By Noni Faragher. Fine. Price: $30.00
  53. FERRABY JOHN All Things Made New: A comprehensive outline of the Baha'i faith. pub. London. Allen and Unwin 1957 d/w. 8vo. pp.320 . d/w sl. rubbed. Very good copy.. A comprehensive outline of the history and teachings the of Baha'i faith.    Price: $50.00
  54. FREELAND   J.M.   Melbourne   Churches   1836-1851. An Architectural  Record. with illus. e/papers & 20 full  page plates t/out. pub. Melb. M.U.P. 1963 spine,  slip  case 4to. pp.170. Limited to 950  copies  of which this is no.584. Very good copy.   Price: $75.00
  55. FREUD SIGMUND Moses And Monotheism. Translated  from the German  by Katherine Jones. pub. Lond. 1951  Hogarth  Press and The  Institute of Psycho-Analysis  (The  International Psycho-Analytical  Library No.33)  8vo.  pp.223. cl. little flecked to edges, else v/good copy.    Price: $40.00
  56. GARDNER JAMES The Faiths Of The World. A dictionary of all religions and religious sects, their doctrines, rites, ceremonies and customs. illus. with 2 steel-engr. title vignettes & 48 steel-engr. plates  pub. Edinburgh etc., Fullarton, nd.1858-1860? 2 vols. or green cl. cr.4to pp.VII.992.930 fine set.    Price: $350.00
  57. GARRETT JOHN To Live Among The Stars: Christian Origins in Oceania illus. with 36 text maps, 16 b/w photos; bibliog., index; fold-out map, pub. World Council of Churches Switzerland. in Association with the University of the South Pacific. 1982 or. pictorial cardcover; 8vo. pp.XII.412. The first full story of Catholic and Protestant origins in the Pacific Islands, beginning in Guam and Tahiti, takes the reader finally to the shores of New Guinea, as the sacrifice of thousands of people, most of them Islanders, unfolds.    Price: $30.00
  58. GEERTZ CLIFFORD The Religion Of Java. illus. with 2 maps, pub. U.S.A. The Free Press Of Glencoe 1960 or. green cl. red band to spine, 8vo. pp.XVI.398 Very good copy.    Price: $40.00
  59. GLEN  FRANK Fly High Reach Far. A Parson of  the  outback. illus. with e/paper maps & 16 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Reed 1971 1st.ed. or. orange cl. 8vo. pp.216. The flying padre, a keen pilot flies the Missions Cessna 172 over 90,000 sq. miles of vast, arid dusty loneliness. The people are rugged like the land. He meets people with understanding, compassion, sympathy and humour with the down to earth grit appreciated by all in his parish. Very good copy.   Price: $30.00
  60. GOMM LESLIE Blazing the Western Trails. The Story of William Kennedy Pathfinder, Preacher and Pioneer. illus. with frontis. (portrait) & many plates t/out. some full page, pub. Syd. J.A. Packer privately printed 1935 or. orange & purple illus. wrappers 8vo. pp.208. Biography of Western Australian pioneer and preacher among the aboriginals. Slightly chipped to top of spine else very good copy.   Price: $55.00
  61. GRANT ARCH Camel, Train And Aeroplane. The Story of Skipper Partridge. illus. with 3 maps, 20 plates pub. Adelaide, Rigby, 1981 1st ed. or. light green cl. d/w. 8vo. pp.400. Story is set almost exclusively in the vast Inland of Australia, as a student Partridge met Flynn of the Inland and later accepted a call to serve as a patrol padre with the fledgling Australian Inland Mission. Fine copy.   Price: $40.00
  62. GOLDMAN LAZARUS MORRIS The Jews In Victoria In The Nineteenth Century with glossary, bibliography, pub. Melbourne By Author 1954 1st. ed. or. blue cl. roy.8vo. pp.454. Scholarly work of the early settlement of Jews in Victoria. Includes Woolf Davis, Joel Fredman, Israel Moses Goldreich, Louis Goldstein and Rev. Greenbaum. Slight wear to gilt lettering on spine. Gift inscription to f/free e/paper, else v/good.   Price: $100.00
  63. GUINNESS GERALDINE In The Far East: Letters from Geraldine Guinness in China. Re-cast and Freshly Illustrated with numerous  b/w. photo plates  t/out. some full page, drawings. Large folding map of China at rear; pub. Melbourne China Inland Mission 1901 Third edn, 18th thousand, or moss green cl. red ltg. & dec. to all covers and spine, cr.4to. pp.180,4 advts. A very good copy.   Price: $75.00       Convert Currency   Parcel Costs
  64. HABERSHON  ADA  R. The Study Of The Parables.  pub.  Lond. Pickering    &   Inglis   nd.191-?   d/w.    8vo. pp.XXVI.366,6. Very good.    Price: $75.00
  65. HACKIN J. In Collaboration with six Orientalists. Asiatic Mythology.  A detailed description and explanation  of  the mythologies of Asia. illus. with 354 b/w. plates & 16  full page col. plates, pub. N.Y. Crescent Books nd.196-? d/w. 4to. pp.460. Fine.    Price: $50.00
  66. HALL WARREN E. The Valley of Decision. illus. with b/w. photo plates t/out. pub. by author 1996 or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.178. Anglican minister family history NSW & Bendigo. Signed by author on title page. Fine.   Price: $25.00
  67. HAMILTON JOHN  These Five and Seventy Years The story of the Terang Presbyterian Church 1861-1936. Together with an account of the beginnings of The Western Church (Kilnoorat) which was founded in the year 1847. illus. with frontis. & 94 photo plates list of past and present office-bearers, pub. Vic. Terang Express Print, 1936 or. blue cl. title lettered in dark blue on front, 8vo. pp.VIII.82 Slight bump near spine else a very good copy.   Price: $45.00
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  76. HUNT ARNOLT D. This Side Of Heaven. A History of Methodism in  South  Australia. illus. with many text  plates  t/out. appendix, bibliography, index, pub.  Adel. Lutheran Pub. House 1985 1st.ed.  or.col.illus. bds. cr.4to. pp.XIV.450. Very good copy.    Price: $60.00
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  113. NORTH MELBOURNE Church Of Christ 1870-1920 Chetwynd Street North Melbourne Jubilee Souvenir. illus. with 13 full  page plates  t/out.  pub.  Melb. 1920 or.  grey  wps.  16mo.obl. pp.24. Very good.    Price: $35.00
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  117. PARKHURST JOHN A Greek and English   Lexicon to the New Testament. In Which The Words And Phrases Occurring In Those Sacred Books Are Distinctly Explained. And the meaning assigned to each, authorized by references to passages of Scripture. A New Edition, Corrected, Enlarged, and Improved. by John Parkhurst, illus. with frontis. portrait engraving and engraving of Cherubim of Glory & table; pub. London printed for George Cowie & Co. 1825 The lexicon is printed in double columns. or. half calf marbled boards, 8vo. pp.712. Corners, edges rubbed as is marbled boards, some foxing, otherwise very good for age, binding firm.   Price: $400.00
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  118. PAWSEY M. M. The Demon of Discord. Tensions in the Catholic Church in Victoria 1853-1864. illus. with 8 full-page plates; pub. Melbourne MUP 1982 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XVI.184.    Price: $30.00
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  121. PERKINS HAROLD The Convict Priests illus. with 7 facsimile documents and one plate; pub. Melbourne Harold Perkins & Thistle Press nd. c 1983 or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.100. Story of three Roman Catholic Priests transported to Australia for alleged complicity in the 1798 Irish Rebellion. Signed  by author. Fine.   Price: $25.00
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  123. POIGNANT ROSLYN Oceanic Mythology. The Myths of Polynesia, Micronesa,  Melanesia,  Australia.  profusely  illus. with plates t/out. many full page & col. maps, bibliography, index; pub. Lond. Paul  Hamlyn 1967 d/w. roy.4to. pp.142. Fine copy.   Price: $40.00
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  125. PRIEST JAGUAR The Book Of The Jaguar Priest. A translation of the Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin. With commentary by Maud Woreester Malemson. A native account of the legendary history. Customs, prophecies, ad religion of the May Indians, and of their heroic suffering at the time of the tragic destruction of their civilization at the hands of the European conquerors. pub. N.Y. Henry Schuman 1951 d/w. 8vo. pp.238 with index. Fine in the sl. chipped d/w.    Price: $75.00
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  126. PTAH-HOTEP The Instruction Of Ptah-Hotep And The Instruction Of Kegemni: The Oldest Books in the World. Translated from the Egyptian with an introduction by Battiscombe G. Gunn. pub. Lond. John Murray (Wisdom of the East series) 1906 or. brown cl. dec. to front bd. 12mo. pp.76.  Very good copy, added newspaper clipping, review of book, private lib. Withdrawn stamp to title page.   Price: $45.00
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  132. ROSENTHAL NEWMAN Look Back With Pride. The St.Kilda Hebrew Congregation's  First  Century. illus. with frontis.  &  16 full page plates t/out. pub. Melb. Nelson 1971  d/w. 8vo. pp.XVI.182. Near fine copy.   Price: $30.00
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  133. ROSENTHAL NEWMAN Look Back With Pride. The St.Kilda Hebrew Congregation's  First  Century. illus. with frontis.  &  16 full page plates t/out. pub. Melb. Nelson 1971  d/w. 8vo. pp.XVI.182. Presentation copy signed by author, fine copy.   Price: $40.00
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