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  1. IDRIESS ION L. The Red Chief As told by the last of  his tribe. illus. with frontis. & 21 plates pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson 1953 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.226. The story of the Aboriginal warrior who once ruled the Gunnedah district, as it was told by "King" Bungaree, the last of his tribe, two centuries later. Small neat inscription to front pastedown e/paper under d/w. return flap, cannot be seen when flap is in place. Minimal chip to top of spine edge and rear of d/w. v/good.   Price: $65.00
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  2. IDRIESS ION L. The Red Chief. As told by the last of  his tribe. illus. with frontis. & 21 plates pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson 1953 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.226. The wrapper has a small deficiency at top of the spine, chip to fore-edges. Tape across d/w. at "The" in title, d/w. flaps adhered to pastedown e/papers else v/good clean inside.   Price: $40.00
  3. IDRIESS ION L. The Red Chief. Frontier Edition. illus. with illus. with frontis. & 21 plates pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson nd. c.1960 or. red cl. pictorial endpapers 8vo. pp.XXIV.226. Signed 'Cheerio Ion L. Idriess.' Piece torn from front free e/paper else v/good copy signed on title page.   Price: $95.00
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  4. IDRIESS ION L. The Tin Scratchers. illus. with e/paper maps frontis. & 30 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1959 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.260.XXXVII. sl. chip to d/w. (lacks small piece to rear of wrapper) front board has sl. mark, otherwise fine copy.    Price: $75.00
  5. IDRIESS  ION L. Flynn Of The Inland. illus. with  e/paper maps, frontis. & 30 plates. pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson 1955 d/w. 8vo. pp.244. sl. worn d/w.    Price: $30.00
  6. IDRIESS  ION L.   Flynn Of The Inland. illus. with  e/paper maps, frontis. & 30 plates. pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson 1942 22nd ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.244.  closed tear to d/w., lower spine. Boards have very slight damp stain lower fore-edge both front and rear  as arrowed, almost fine d/w.   Price: $55.00   (See picture-press   )
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  8. IDRIESS ION L.  The Silver City. The Story of Broken Hill,  illus. with e/paper maps, frontis. 34 plates & 5 maps. pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson 1956 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.214. d/w. chipped, torn, boards sl. marked, good and clean otherwise.    Price: $50.00   Convert Currency
  9. IDRIESS ION L. The Yellow Joss. illus. with frontis. & 18 plates. pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson 1944 or. blue cl. cr.8vo. pp.256. slight spotting to cloth else very good.  Price: $35.00
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  10. IDRIESS ION L. Isles Of Despair. illus with e/paper maps, text illus. throughout. pub. Sydney, Angus & Robertson 1947 d/w. 8vo. pp.290 very good copy in the torn d/w.    Price: $45.00
  11. IDRIESS ION L. The Great Trek. One of the greatest  feats in Australian exploration. pub. Sydney, Angus &  Robertson 1947 8vo. pp.222. a good copy.    Price: $30.00
  12. IDRIESS ION L. One Wet Season. illus. with e/paper  maps, frontis.  14  full  page  plates.  pub.  Sydney,  Angus  & Robertson  1951 8vo. pp.272.   Price:$30.00
  13. IDRIESS ION L. One Wet Season. with e/paper maps frontis. & 14 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1949 1st.ed.  d/w.  8vo. pp.272. fine copy  in  the  sl. chipped d/w.   Price: $50.00
  14. IDRIESS  ION  L. "Man Tracks." With the mounted  police  in Australian  wilds. illus. with e/paper maps frontis.  &  16 full  page  plates.  pub. Sydney, Angus  &  Robertson  1943 Fifteenth ed. 8vo. pp.272. v/good clean, bright copy.    Price: $40.00
  15. IDRIESS  ION  L. "Man Tracks."  With the mounted  police  in Australian  wilds. illus. with e/paper maps frontis.  &  16 full  page  plates.  pub. Sydney, Angus  &  Robertson  1940 Thirteenth ed. 8vo. pp.272. Name to title page, a few very tiny paint flecks to spine, hardly noticeable, else near fine on bright red cloth. Price:  Price: $40.00
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  16. IDRIESS ION L Lightening Ridge. The land of Black Opals. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1947 12mo. pp.VIII.234. e/paper cut else fine.    Price:A$35.00   Convert Currency
  17. IDRIESS  ION L. Forty Fathoms Deep. Pearl Divers  and  Sea Rovers  in Australian seas. illus. with frontis. & 16  full page  plates  t/out. e/paper maps,    pub.  Syd.  Angus  &  Robertson  1937 5th ed. or. green cl. cr.8vo. pp.344,10 advts. cloth bright, neat inscription to 2nd f/free e/paper, sl. spotted otherwise v/good copy.    Price: $45.00
  18. IDRIESS  ION L.    Forty Fathoms Deep.  Pearl Divers  and  Sea Rovers  in Australian seas. illus. with frontis. & 16  full page  plates  t/out. e/paper maps,  pub.  Syd.  Angus  &  Robertson  1950 ‘New Edition’ or. beige and grey patterned cl. grey cl. to spine, as published, cr.8vo. pp.278. Signed by Ion L. Idriess on the title Page "Wishing you the best Ion Idriess" v/good copy.  Cloth slightly rubbed at edges, shelf wear, faint w/mark on edges of pages, shelf edge, not into the pages themselves, hardly noticeable. A very good copy.    Price: $75.00
  19. IDRIESS  ION L. Forty Fathoms Deep. Pearl divers  and  Sea Rovers  in Australian seas. illus. with frontis. & 16  full page  plates  t/out.  pub.  Syd.  Angus  &  Robertson  1952 or. orange cl. 8vo. pp.278. v/good copy.    Price: $35.00
  20. IDRIESS ION L. The Nor'Westers. with illus. e/paper  maps &  14 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus  &  Robertson 1954  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.X.241. Very good in the   d/w. with slight chipping/creasing at top of spine, Closed tear to front of wrapper, tape marks to rear of wrapper.   Price: $55.00
  21. IDRIESS ION L. The Nor'Westers. with illus. e/paper  maps &  14 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus  &  Robertson 1954  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.X.241. fine in  the   d/w. with slight loss to the top of spine, lightly rubbed.    Price: $55.00
  22. IDRIESS ION L. The Nor'Westers. with illus. e/paper  maps &  14 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus  &  Robertson 1954  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.X.241. fine in  the   d/w. with slight chipping to extremities, name to front free e/paper, a very good copy.   Price: $65.00
  23. IDRIESS ION L. The Nor'Westers. with illus. e/paper  maps &  14 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus  &  Robertson 1954  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.X.241. fine in  the   d/w. with slight fore-edge silverfising to one corner of flap. Slight creasing top and bottom of spine else near fine.   Price: $75.00
  24. IDRIESS ION L.   Madman's Island. with frontis. & text illus. t/out  pub.  Syd.  Angus & Robertson  1938 or. orange cl. 8vo. pp.VII.254.2 advts. very sl. faded at spine else very good copy.    Price: $45.00
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  26. IDRIESS  ION L.  In Crocodile Land. Wanderings in  Northern Australia.  illus.  with  frontis. & 12  full  page  plates t/out.  pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1947  d/w.  8vo. pp.X.242. Closed tear to d/w. short inscription to f/free e/paper, ink spot to rear of d/w. else fine.    Price: $35.00
  27. IDRIESS  ION  L. Across The Nullarbor  A  Modern  Argosy. illus.  with  e/paper maps frontis. & 16 full  page  plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1957 or. red cl. d/w. 8vo. pp.VIII.248. Idriess tells his story of a trip by car across the Nullarbor, d/w. chipped, front flap detached, back flap partly torn, cloth very fine.   Price: $45.00
  28. IDRIESS  ION  L. Across The Nullarbor  A  Modern  Argosy. illus.  with  e/paper maps frontis. & 16 full  page  plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1957 d/w. 8vo. pp.VIII.248. name to f/free e/paper else fine in the chipped d/w.    Price: $45.00
  29. IDRIESS ION L. Tracks Of Destiny. illus. with frontis. & 14 full  page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus &  Robertson  1961 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.228. lacks f/free e/paper sl. chipped d/w.    Price: $65.00
  30. IDRIESS ION L.   Tracks Of Destiny. illus. with frontis. & 14 full  page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus &  Robertson  1961 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.228. neat name to f/free e/paper else very fine.    Price: $150.00    (See picture-press   )
  31. IDRIESS  ION L. The Cattle King. The story of  Sir  Sidney Kidman.  illus. with e/paper maps frontis. & 24  full  page plates t/out. pub. Syd Angus & Robertson 1947 d/w. 12mo. pp.X356-X  advts. v/good copy.    Price: $30.00
  32. IDRIESS  ION  L.  Nemarluk. King of the Wild.  illus.  with frontis. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1941 or. red cl. d/w. 12mo. pp.222. Rare first edition with  near perfect dustwrapper, small short closed tear to shelf fore-edge, where it encloses the front board, hardly noticeable; lower spine at d/w. under the ‘AR’ faint shelf wear. Near fine copy.    Price: $950.00
  33. IDRIESS  ION  L. Nemarluk. King of the Wild.  illus.  with frontis. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1946 or. red cl. 12mo. pp.222. Neat and small prior owner’s name stamp in purple ink to title page, else fine.   Price: $35.00
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  34. IDRIESS  ION  L. The Wild North. illus.  with  frontis.  & illus. with frontis. & 12 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus  &  Robertson 1960 1st.ed. d/w.  8vo.  pp.230. sl. chipped d/w. to top of front panel otherwise fine copy.    Price: $65.00
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  35. IDRIESS  ION L.    Lasseter's Last Ride. An epic  in  Central Australian  gold discovery. illus. with frontis. & 14  full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1932 11th ed. or. orange cl. fine & bright, d/w. 8vo. pp.262. 2 small chips to d/w. closed tears, sl. foxing.   Price: $60.00
  36. IDRIESS ION L.  Lasseter's Last Ride. illus. with frontis. & 14 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1935 or. orange cl. cr.8vo. 12mo. pp.252.    Price:$35.00
  37. IDRIESS  ION  L. My Mate Dick. illus. with frontis.  &  14 full  page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Angus &  Robertson  1962 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XII.244. dustwrapper slightly rubbed to extremities, closed tear on ear of d/w. ab.3cm & foredge otherwise almost fine copy.         Price: $100.00
  38. IDRIESS ION L. Ion Idriess's Greatest Stories. The  Silver City  -  Lightning Ridge - The Desert Column -  The  Cattle King - Flynn Of The Inland - Lasseter's Last Ride. 2  Vols. with  several  plates,  dwgs.  t/out.  pub.  Syd.  Angus  & Robertson  1986  roy.8vo.  pp.XV.582  -   XXIV.616. v/fine.    Price:$65.00
  39. IMAGES  OF YESTERDAY. A Collection of  Australian Archives and  Artifacts.  Catalogue of exhibition held in  the  Myer Mural  Hall  and  Gallery Melb. 18-30  May  1981  profusely illus. with b/w. plates t/out. many full page, pub.  Melbourne or.pict. wps. 4to. pp.164. a very good copy.   Price: $25.00
  40. INGLETON GEOFFREY C. True Patriots All. Or News from Early Australia as told in a Collection of Broadsides. Murders & Executions, Piracies & Mutinies, Shipwrecks, Terrors of Transportation, Villainies of all Kinds. illus. with col. frontis. & many b/w. decorations t/out. numerous line illustrations, pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1952 1st.ed. or. orange & white boards, gilt lettering on spine, cr.4to. pp.280. Reproductions of news pamphlets (`broadsides') from our penal and colonial days. Very good copy.   Price: $55.00
  41. JAMES  JOHN STANLEY The Vagabond Papers. Degradation  and brutality  of  low  life in slums  of  the  Victorian  era. illus.  with  frontis. & 43 illus. throughout.  pub.  Melb. M.U.P. 1969 d/w. lge.8vo. pp.274. An abridged version of a 5 volume edition published by George Robertson in 1877-8. Very good copy.    Price: $35.00
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  42. JOHNSON  RAYNOR Nurslings Of Immortality. Thoughts on  the riddles of life. illus. with frontis. pub. London,  Hodder & Stoughton 1960 d/w. 8vo. pp.280.    Price: $25.00
  43. JOLLEY ROBERT - Publisher. From The Centre To The Sea. Panorama Pictures Of Selected Australian Scenery. illus. with 12 plates in mounts alternately dark green and brown, pub. Atlas Press, Melbourne, c.1905? limp covers with gilt lettering and art nouveau design, wide rectangle 16mo. oblong pp.28 Produced as a presentation folder, views in and around Brisbane. sl. tear at spine, else very good copy.    Price: $45.00
  44. JOY  WILLIAM   The  Other Side Of The Hill.  200  years  of Australian  Exploration. illus. with e/paper maps  &  b/w. text plates t/out. pub. Syd. Doubleday 1984 1st.ed. d/w. roy.8vo. pp.252. Drawing on diaries, reports in contemporary newspapers and eye-witness reports, Joy provides a graphic account of the sufferings and triumphs of the explorers of Inland Australia. Fine copy.   Price: $35.00
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  45. KELLY  F.  Compiled  by. The Union  Guide.  Issued  by  The Federal Executive Council of The Australian Third  Division Telegraphists'  and Postal Clerks' Union. pub.  Melb.  1935 or. lt. maroon wps. 16mo. pp.166. Fine.   Price: $45.00
  46. KELLY  VINCE   Achieving A Vision. The life story  of  P.W. Tewksbury, Australian Industrial pioneer. presentation copy fully  signed by P.W. Tewksbury. illus. with frontis. &  32 full  page plates t/out. pub. Syd. George M. Dash  nd.195-? d/w. 8vo. pp.284. fine.    Price: $40.00
  47. KIERNAN T. J. The Irish Exiles In Australia. illus. with portrait frontispiece, & 2 full page plates, index, pub. Melb. Burnes & Oates 1954 1st ed. or. green cl. 8vo. pp.196. The story of Irish who went in convict ships to Australia, much on the hidden years of the 1848 Irish felons in Van Diemen's Land. Mild flecking otherwise very good condition.   Price: $50.00
  48. KING  JONATHAN   Stop Laughing This Is Serious!   A  social history  of Australia in cartoons. with illus.  e/papers  & illus  t/out. pub. N.S.W. Cassell 1978  1st.ed. folio pp.224.     Price: $40.00
  49. KING JONATHANThe Other Side Of The Coin: A Cartoon History Of Australia. Political cartoons from Australian history. profusely illus. with drawings throughout, pub. Sydney: Cassell, 1979 d/w. 4to. pp.240 They include the most bizarre from Punch, the more exotic from the Bulletin, the cheekiest from Smith's Weekly and the boldest from the Australian.      Price: $40.00
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  50. KIRWAN SIR J.An Empty Land. Pioneers and pioneering in Australia. illus. with frontis., 19 full-page plates, and map; pub. Lond. 1934 1st ed. or red cl. 8vo. pp.XIV.322. "The story of four thousand miles of travel through the last of the great undeveloped territories of the world. A world of Aborigines and alligators, pearls and cattle, whales and turtles, gold-mining and aviation, palm groves, cyclones and politics." Fine copy.   Price: $45.00   Convert Currency
  51. KOTZE  STEFAN  Translated  and adapted  by  L.L.  Politzer. Australian  Sketches.  Author's  experiences   travelling through parts   of   Australia.   (Author   was    German Journalist/Traveler who  came to Australia in  search  of experience  &  copy  for his books which  he  had  pub.  in Australia in the early part of this century pub. Melb.  Pan Pub. 1945 or.illus.bds. 8vo. pp.128.    Price:  $35.00
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  52. LANG JOHN DUNMORE. Reminiscences Of My Life And Times. Both in Church and State in Australia for upwards of Fifty Years. The autobiographical account of John Dunmore Lang, 'Presbyterian minister, politician, educationalist, immigration organiser, journalist, gaol-bird and 'Patriot and Statesman'. illus. with frontis. pub. Melbourne, Heinemann, 1972. dustwrapper, showing "Emigrants at Dinner", from Illustrated London News 8vo. pp.VIII.240. appendices, index. a near fine copy. Edited and with an introduction and notes by D.W.A. Baker. From a manuscript written in the 1870's and now held by the Mitchell Library. Fine copy.    Price: $40.00
  53. LARKINS  JOHN  and BRUCE HOWARD Great Australian  Book  of Nostalgia.  profusely  illus.  with  col.  &  b/w.  plates throughout.  pub. Adelaide, Rigby 1975 1st.ed.  d/w. 4to. pp.296.        Price: $35.00
  54. LAWRENCE G.V. & GRAEME KINROSS SMITH (ED.) The Book of  The Murray. with e/paper illus. & many plates t/out. some col. pub. Adel. Rigby 1976 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.IX.264.    Price: $35.00
  55. LAWSON ROBERT S. Sir Harry Lawson. illus. with 8 full page plates  t/out. pub. Melb. Mullaya 1976 1st.ed.  d/w. 8vo. pp.IX.93. fine.    Price: $30.00
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  56. LEICHHARDT DR. LUDWIG Journal Of An Overland Expedition In Australia, From Moreton Bay To Port Essington, A Distance Of Upwards Of 3,000 Miles During The Years 1844-1845. illus. with frontis. & 12 full page plates t/out. after engravings this facsimile ed. pub. Australian Facsimile Editions No. 16. [From an original issued in London, 1847] 1964 or. green synthetic cl. 8vo. pp.XX.544. Map case seperatly published not included. Fine.   Price: $145.00
  57. LEICHHARDT DR. LUDWIG Journal Of An Overland Expedition In Australia, From Moreton Bay To Port Essington, A Distance Of Upwards Of 3,000 Miles During The Years 1844-1845. illus. with frontis. & 12 full page plates t/out. first pub. in Lond. 1847 this facsimile ed. pub. Syd. Doubleday Macarthur Books nd.197-? d/w. 8vo. pp.XX.544. fine.   Price: $70.00
  58. LEICHHARDT LUDWIG Introduction and annotations by E.M. Webster An Explorer At Rest. Ludwig Leichhardt at Port Essington and on the homeward voyage, 1845-1846. illus. with a map plus 23 plates, pub. Carlton, Melbourne University Press, 1986. d/w. 8vo. pp.X.124. This journal covers Leichhardt's brief sojourn at Port Essington (Northern Territory) after his overland expedition of 1844-45, then the return journey to Sydney on board the schooner 'Heroine'. The description of Port Essington is of historical interest and demonstrates the settlement's influence among the Aborigines. fine copy   Price: $35.00
  59. LEWIS HAROLD    Crow On A Barbed Wire Fence  pub. Sydney Angus & Robertson 1973 1st. ed. d/w. 12mo. pp.216. Harold Lewis writes about his experiences in outback Australia before WWI. In 1910 Harold Lewis came to Australia from England as a migrant in search of adventure and a place where he could bring his parents. Barely sixteen and a strict Methodist, he discovers a pre WWI Australia when swaggies and quartpots were a part of Australian life. Lewis writes about the people he meets, the situations he faces, and his search for work, with a keen sense of humour and unique insight. A very good clean copy in the shelf worn d/w.    Price: $60.00
  60. LIEBIG MICHAEL P. Terra Australis  An Adventurous Financial History of Australian Shares and Loans. with b/w. illustrations, illustrated end papers, includes inserted inside, special supplement: reprint in original size of a certificate; pub. Munich Markt & Technik, 1988 1st. ed. English and Getman text. d/w. 4to. pp.176. "Fascinated by the natural diversity they found the 'land down under' endowed with, the first European settlers began the exploitation of Australia's riches . the country's historical development. Meet aborigines, convicts, pioneers, settlers, bankers and swindlers." Fine. Price: $65.00
  61. LINN ROB   Shifting Sands To Solid Rock.  Ninety Years of Frontier Services. with colour and b/w. illus., index pub. Historical Consultants Pty. Ltd. Cherry Gardens South Australia, For Frontier Services, Sydney 2002 or. pictorial card covers 4to. pp.IX.126. Establishment and development of the Uniting Church ministry in outback Australia, and has much on John Flynn, The Royal Flying Doctor Service and others that were similarly involved. Fine.    Price: $35.00
  62. LIVING  OFF THE LAND A Manual of Bushcraft. Compiled  from articles  contributed  to  "Salt",  the  Army   Educational Journal. Foreword by Major-General S.G. Savige;  with several text illus. maps, t/out. pub. Melb. Robertson & Mullens 1944 or.illus.wps. 12mo. pp.160. v/good copy.     Price:  $75.00
  63. LOCK  A.C.C. Tropics And Topics. Travel around  Australia, Queensland  & South Australia. illus. with 23 plates  pub. Sydney, Invincible Press. 1949 1st.ed. or. red cl. 8vo. pp.285. good copy. An account of the authors travels in Australia. Gift inscription to f/free e/paper, otherwise very good copy in the torn and chipped d/w.   Price:  $30.00
  64. McADOO  MARTIN When Grandma Was Just A Girl.  illus.  with photo  plates  t/out.  some  full page  &  col.  pub.  Syd. Lansdowne 1983 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.144. The text has been compiled from tape recordings from some of Australia's pioneering women of the bush, and provide unusual accounts of life from all corners of the continent, with many historic photographs of everyday life in Australia. Fine copy.   Price: $30.00
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  65. McCULLOCH ALAN Trial By Tandem. Travel through Europe on a tandem. profusely illus. with 30 drawings by the  author. pub.  Melb. Cheshire 1950 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo.  pp.236. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, else v/good in the torn d/w.   Price:  $30.00
  66. McINERNEY  SW.M.  (ED.) The Confessions  Of  William James Chidley. Historical record of the seamier side of life  in Victorian and  Edwardian  Australia.   Chidley   made   a precarious living as a photographer and an artist for  most of his life. illus. with 22 plates. pub. Brisbane, Uni. of Queensland Press 1977 d/w. 8vo. pp.308. Chidley was a familiar semi-clad sight in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne pre-WWI. His odd clothing and bizarre sexual theories led him to be incarcerated in several asylums. However this unpublished work, Confessions, was sent to Havelock Ellis, author of Studies in the Psychology of Sex, who declared it a document of much psychological interest & he corresponded with Chidley until the latter's death in 1916. Dustwrapper slightly torn, name to f/free e/paper else very good.   Price: $35.00
  67. McKENNA ELAINE  Better Than Dancing. The wandering years of a  young  Australian, Mary Brennan. pub.  Melb.  Greenhouse Pub. 1987 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.232.   Mary, the oldest daughter of a farming family, left home at 16, tired of looking after "little brats". After a number of jobs in various parts of Victoria, she travelled to Western Australia and, in 1916, to wartime London. Going alone, she said, was "better than dancing" Fine.   Price: $30.00
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  68. McKINLAY BRIAN The First Royal Tour 1867-1868 illus. with with numerous black and white contemporary illustrations or photographs, some double paged. List of illustrations, list of photographs, bibliography and index. Coloured endpapers. pub. Adelaide Rigby 1970 d/w. 8vo. pp.196. Dustwrapper, showing Prince Alfred after being shot, black illustration with an orange overlay. White writing on front panel and on spine. Gift inscription to f/free e/paper, otherwise fine.   Price: $30.00
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  71. MADIGAN  C.T.  Central Australia  Exploration  And  Survey Through Central Australia 1944 illus. with 50 plates &  2 folding  e/paper maps, pub. Melb. Oxford Uni.  Press  1944 New Revised Edition or. brown cl. 8vo. pp.316. Previous owner has written their name on the front free paper else very good copy in sl. flecked boards.   Price: $40.00
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  72. MADIGAN  C.T.  Crossing The Dead Heart. illus. with 30 full page plates t/out. and folding map at end. pub. Melbourne Georgian House 1946 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XIV.172. Fine copy.   Price: $75.00
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  75. MARSHALL  JOCK Journey Among Men.  Outback Queensland  N.T. and West Australia. illus. by Russell Drysdale. pub.  Melb. Hodder & Stoughton 1962 1st. ed. d/w. 4to. pp.206. Black-and-white drawings by Russell Drysdale, drawn during their trip around Australia. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, slightly foxed to d/w. else very good copy.   Price: $40.00
  76. MARSHALL  NORMAN  J. A Jubilee History  1928-1978.  illus. with frontis. & numerous plates t/out. some full page pp.24 of charts. pub. Melbourne The Institute of Charted  Accountants in Australia. Victorian branch. 1978 8vo. pp.128.   Price:  $25.00
  77. MEGAW  J.N.S. (Editor) Employe'd As a  Discoverer.  Papers presented  at  the  Captain  Cook  bi-Centenary  Symposium. Sutherland Shire, 1-3 May, 1970. illus. with e/paper maps & plates pub. Syd. 1971 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.141.    Price: $35.00
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  79. MILLS RICHARD CHARLES The Colonization Of Australia 1829-42. The Wakefield Experiment in Empire Building. pub. Lond. Dawson's Facsimile of the 1915 ed. 1968 or. maroon cl. 8vo. pp.XX.364. very sl. flecked otherwise very good condition.   Price: $35.00   Convert Currency
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  80. MITCHELL A.G. The Pronunciation Of English In Australia. pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1947 d/w. 8vo. pp.80.IX. fine copy in the worn d/w.    Price: $40.00
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  83. MITCHELL  ELYNE  Chauvel  Country. The story  of  a  great Australian pioneering family. illus. with 16 full page plates & map pub. Melb. Macmillan 1983 1st.ed.  d/w. 8vo. pp.300. Presentation copy signed by author. Fine.   Price: $65.00
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  85. MITCHELL THOMAS LIVINGSTONE. Three Expeditions Into The Interior Of Eastern Australia; with descriptions of the recently explored region of Australia Felix and of the present colony of New South Wales. illus. with b/w. illustrations, b/w maps, endpaper maps, illustrated dustwrapper, coloured frontispiece pub. Maryborough Vic. Eagle Press, 1996. Trade edition. or. green cloth d/w.'s 8vo. pp. XXIV.356;- IV.XII.416 2 volumes; facsimile of 2nd edition of 1839; Limited to 400 sets & signed by the publisher this being 92. Fine with dustwrappers in slipcase.   Price: $350.00  Convert Currency
  86. MITELMAN  JACQUELINE Faces Of Australia. illus.  with  120 full  page  plates  t/out. pub.  Melb.  Lothian  Pub.  1988 1st.ed. d/w. roy.4to. pp.132.    Price: $35.00
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  91. MOOREHEAD ALAN The Blue Nile. illus. e/papers 33 plates  2 folding  maps  & 18 text illus. pub.  Lond.  Hamilton  1962 d/w. 8vo. pp.386. Nile River Valley history. Blue Nile River (Ethiopia and Sudan). Near fine copy.   Price: $35.00
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  94. MOOREHEAD   ALAN   Cooper's  Creek.  Illustrated edition. with   illustrated end-papers, b/w. plates and illustrations, coloured plates of historic photographs and illustrations; pub. Melbourne Macmillan 1977 d/w. 8vo. pp.IV.180. The story of the Burke and Wills 1860 expedition that crossed Australia, and the drama that took place on Coopers Creek in the remote interior of the Continent. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  95. MOOREHEAD  ALAN   The  Fatal  Impact.  An  account  of  the invasion  of  the  South  Pacific  1767-1840.  illus.  with e/paper maps, frontis., 28 full page plates t/out. & 4 maps pub. London Hamilton 1966 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.230. very good copy.     Price:$35.00
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  96. MOOREHEAD ALAN  A Late Education. Episodes in a life. illus. with frontis. pub. Lond. Hamilton 1970 1st.ed., d/w. 8vo. pp.176. The Author's friendship with Alexander Clifford, a fellow journalist, which started in Spain in 1938 at the end of the Civil War and ended fourteen years later with Alex's death in London. Both wore correspondence, together through the battles in the Western desert, the landings in Sicily and France, and the defeat of Germany. Opposites, rivals as well as friends, Very good copy.   Price: $30.00
  97. MORRISON G.E. An Australian In China. Being a narrative of a quiet journey across China to British Burma. illus.  with frontis. & 27 full page plates t/out. & 2 folding maps pub. Syd.  1972 facsimile of ed. pub. in 1895  d/w.  8vo. pp.300. George Ernest Morrison, then a young Australian doctor, travelled across China from Shanghai to the Burmese border. The journey to one hundred days and his account is a vivid portrayal of pre-revolutionary China, from the rural villages to the great walled cities where the sight of a European was sufficient to draw a crowd. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  98. MOSSMAN SAMUEL & Thomas Banister    Australia, Visited And Revisited illus. with frontis. engraving; pub. Ure Smith/National Trust of Australia, 1974. or. paperbound facsimile edition of work 1st published 1853 cr.4to.pp.X.323. One of the first guide books about Australia, for prospective immigrants, written during the Gold Rush era. Narrative of recent travels and old experiences in Victoria and New South Wales. Originally published in London in 1853 it describes journeys through the goldfields of Victoria & New South Wales. Fine.     Price: $35.00
  99. MOYAL   ANN   Clear  Across  Australia.    A   history   of telecommunications. with illus. e/papers & b/w. text plates t/out.  pub.  Melb. Nelson 1984 1st.ed.  d/w.  4to. pp.436. v/fine.      Price:$45.00
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  101. MUIR MARCIE My Bush Book. K. Langloh Parker's 1890's story of  outback station life. with illus. e/papers  pub.  Adel. Rigby  1982  1st.ed. d/w. 4to.  pp.183.  note:  Kate Langloch Parker is famed for the three books of  Aboriginal Legends which was pub. between 1896 and 1930. Insight into the life, adventures and misadventures of a cultured woman living in outback isolation in the 1890s. Very good copy.  Price: $35.00
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  102. MULVANEY JOHN & GREEN Neville (Editors)   Commandant Of Solitude. The Journals of Captain Collet Barker 1828-1831 pub. Melbourne 1992 M.U.P. 1992. No.8 in the Miegunyah Press Series. 1st Ed. with 8 maps and 1 genealogical table in text plus 20 pages with 37 b/w & colour illus. (2 facsimiles of diary pages and 17 colour plates) text tables throughout, appendices, index, aboriginal index; d/w. 4to. pp.XVIII.431. Barker was posted to New South Wales in 1812 and spent a short time in Sydney before commanding the Raffles Bay settlement (NT) in 1828 and another settlemt at King George Sound (near Albany WA) in 1830 and 1831. Relations with the aborigines. Fine.   Price: $100.00
  103. MURDOCH  KEITH Keith Murdoch. Journalist. Story  of  Keith Murdoch.  illus. with frontis. & several plates pub.  Melb. Herald & Weekly Times Ltd. 1952 4to. pp.64    Price: $25.00
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  104. MURRAY MARY My Mother's Times. A collection of houshold hints providing glimpses of family life in Australia in the early 1900's illus. with text plates t/out. pub. Melb. Mallon Pub. or. maroon dec. bds. crn.4to. pp.152. Fine.   Price: $35.00   Convert Currency
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  105. NORRIS  KEITH Australia's Heritage Sketchbook.  Text  and research  by  Wendy Norris. profusely  illus.  t/out.  with dwgs.  by  Keith Norris pub. Syd. Books for  Pleasure  1976 d/w. 4to.obl. pp.360.    Price: $45.00
  106. O'BRIEN   DENIS  The  Weekly.  A  lively  and   nostalgic celebration  of  Australia  through 50 years  of  its  most pupular  magazine. (The Australian Women's Weekly).  illus. with plates t/out. some full page & col. pub. Melb. Penguin 1982 p/b. roy.4to. pp.158  Price:. $25.00
  107. O'CALLAGHAN DENIS - Denis O'Callaghan's Long Life Reminiscences & Adventures Throughout The World . Australian gold rushes, black savages, waterless territory, Monte Carlo and world travels. illus. with 48 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. by author nd.1941 4to. pp.304. printed in double column. very sl. tear to top of spine else v/fine.      Price: $440.00
  108. O'CONNOR COLIN Spanning Two Centuries, Historic Bridges of Australia. profusely illus. with e/paper & photo plates t/out.  pub.  Qld. Uni. Of Qld. Press 1985  1st.ed. d/w. 4to.obl. pp.256.     Price: $75.00
  109. O'CONNOR  V.   A  Complete Guide  To  Decimal  Currency  In Australia. illus. with tables pub. N.S.W. Keystone Readers' Service nd.1966 wps. 8vo. pp.24.      Price:$15.00
  110. O'REILLY BERNARD Green Mountains. illus. with many  plates t/out.  pub.  Brisb.  Smith  Paterson   1942  or. boards d/w.  8vo. pp.144. The author made a rescue mission to find the Stinson aircraft which crashed in the McPherson Ranges in 1937. He also writes a memoir of his pioneering family in North East Queensland. Chipped d/w. otherwise very good.   Price: $30.00
  111. O'REILLY BERNARD  Cullenbenbong illus. with frontis. pub. Brisbane W. R. Smith & Paterson Pty. Ltd. 1945 2nd.ed. original pictorial stiff  wrappered boards with pasted illustration on the front cover being a rural scene against a 'hessian' background, with brown writing on the front panel. cr.8vo. pp.206. Australian Blue Mountain Pioneers. From a pioneering Irish family Bernard O'Reilly tells of his boyhood adventures and of the mountain legends heard around the firesides of the Blue Mountains' pioneers. Very good copy.   Price: $25.00
  112. O'REILLY BERNARD    Green Mountains And Cullenbenbong  illus. with pictorial endpapers, 86 b/w. photos, inc frontis. and 26 b/w illus. in text, pub. Brisbane: W.R. Smith & Paterson, 1962 or. green pict. cloth 8vo. pp.328. The author commences with details of the search and rescue in the McPherson Range in the aftermath of an airliner crash in 1937; then describes life and nature amongst the paradise of Australian's Green Mountains. Green Mountains and Cullenbenbong in one volume. previous owner's name on title page. Good copy.    Price: $30.00
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  113. O'SULLIVAN JOHN Mounted Police Of Victoria And Tasmania. A history of heroism and duty since 1837. illus. with 16 full page  plates  t/out. pub. Adel. Rigby 1980  1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.211. fine. $35.00
  114. OXLEY DEBORAH   Convict Maids The Forced Migration of Women to Australia. illus. with 6 full page plates of facsimile of rolls plates, maps, tables pub. Cambridge University Press Cambridge 1996 or. paperback, 8vo. pp.340. This analysis of female convict to Australia reveals their significant contribution to the new economy. Fine.      Price: $40.00
  115. PALMER  VANCE The Legend Of The Nineties. A rich  portrait of  the  most turbulent decade in Australian  life.  illus. e/papers numerous b/w. text & plates t/out of which 11 are col. pub. Melb. Currey O'Neil nd.1983? d/w.  sm.4to. pp.156.  Analyses the phenomenal changes which occurred in Australian art and literature in the 1890s. Good copy.   Price: $30.00
  116. PEARL CYRIL  So, You Want To Be An Australian Foreword by N. Culotta illus. cartoon drawings in black and white by L. Tanner,1 page index. pub. Sydney Angus & Robertson 1959 d/w. 12mo. pp.96. The ABC (and Y) of defamation, Beer woman and grub, Vocational guidance, Gracious living. Satire on the Australian character.   Price: $25.00
  117. PEARL  CYRIL Morrison Of Peking. 19th. Century  Australian reporter,  adventurer, explorer, & doctor. Morrison  worked as  Peking  correspondent of the Times from 1897  to  1912. illus.  with 16 full page plates t/out. & folding map  pub. Syd.  Angus & Robertson 1967 1st.ed.  d/w.  lge.8vo. pp.VI.432.  Price: $45.00
  118. PHILLIP GOVERNOR The Voyage Of Governor Phillip To  Botany Bay; With an Account of the Establishment of the Colonies of  Port Jackson & Norfolk Island; Compiled from Authentic Papers.  Embellished  with  fifty five copper  plates  &  7 folding  charts. This ed. is produced in facsimile  from  a copy  of the first ed. of 1789. pub.Melb.  Georgian  House 1950  full morroco glt. ltg. to  spine  4to.  pp.X.298,76. fine. $350.00
  119. PHILLIPS  CONRAD    Cry  Of  The  Dingo.  A  study  of   the Australian  Bushranger.  pub.  Lond.  Arthur  Barker   1956 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.222. $40.00
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  120. Porter Una B. (ed.) Growing Together Letters Between Frederick John Cato and Frances Bethune 1881 to 1884. illus. with 3 col. tipped-in plates 24 b/w. illus. a fold genealogical table and errata-slip at end. pub. Melb.: Privately Published 1981 d/w. 4to. thick  pp.518.XVIII. Edition comprises 1000 copies of which this is Copy No.614. Signed by author. Slight fading ot spine else fine. Price: $55.00
  121. POLITZER L.L. Translated & ed. by. Leichhardt Letters. Dr. Ludwig Leichhardt's Letters From Australia during the years March 23, 1842, to April 3 1848. illus. with two  portraits and  map  pub. Melb. Pan Pub. nd.1944?  or.crm.illus.  wps. 8vo. pp.96. fine.   $45.00
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  122. POWNALL EVE Mary Of Maranoa. Tales of Australian  pioneer women.  illus.  with  many plates pub.  Melb.  M.U.P.  1964 d/w. 8vo. pp.268. good copy in torn d/w.   Price: $25.00
  123. PRATT AMBROSE Ed.  The National Handbook Of Australia's Industries profusely illus. with plates t/out. some full page, adverts, descriptions of individual industries & companies, number of three-colour maps, index; or. cloth, lettered in gilt, decorated in gilt and in blind; pub. Melbourne: Specialty Press: 1934 to facilitate the organised marketing of Australian goods and services and promote the expansion of internal and external trade and commerce; Cloth at spine sl. tear else Very good copy.     Price: $100.00
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  125. PRIEST HAROLD The Call of the Bush. Wanderings of a Nature Man on the Murray River illus. with frontis. & 15 full page plates throughout pub. T. Werner Laurie Ltd. London, 1932 1st ed. or. green cl. gilt, 8vo. pp.240. An Australian stockman takes a holiday by going native on the Murray river living off the land on a one man expedition to nowhere in particular to study wild nature. Mild shelf wear, edge a little bumped sl. rubbed, lacks f/free e/paper.   Price: $45.00
  126. RAMSON W.S. Ed. by. The Australian National Dictionary.  A Dictionary of Australianisms on Historical Principals. pub. Melb. Oxford  Uni.  Press 1988 1st.ed.  d/w.  4to. pp.814. Note: The Aust. National Dictionary took nearly  10 years to complete and a full time staff of 5 with a  number of part-time staff for support.   Price: $145.00
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  127. REPORT On The Working Of The Factories And Shops Act.  Conciliation and Arbitration Act. 1899. pub. Sydney. 1900 Dept Labour and Industry. or. black leather bound, limp boards roy.4to. 32pp. Good copy.   Price: $100.00   Convert Currency
  128. REPORT On The Working Of The Factories And Shops Act. (1902) Early Closing Acts; Shearers' Accommodations Act etc. etc. pub.  Sydney. 1903 Dept Labour and Industry. Govt. Printer or. black leather bound, limp boards roy.4to. 26pp. Good copy.   Price: $75.00
  129. REPORT On The Working Of The Factories And Shops Act.   (1903) Early closing acts; shearers' accommodations act etc. pub. Sydney. 1904 Dept Labour and Industry. or. black leather bound, limp boards roy.4to. pp.32 Good copy.   Price: $75.00
  130. REPORT On The Working Of The Factories And Shops Act. (1908) Early closing acts; shearers' accommodations act etc. illus. with 2 col. graphs; pub. Sydney. 1909 Dept Labour and Industry. or. black leather bound , limp boards roy.4to. pp.46 Good copy.    Price: $75.00
  131. REPORT On The Working Of The Factories And Shops Act.   (1910) Minimum Wage Act, Early closing acts; shearers' accommodations act etc. illus. with 3 col . graphs, 12 b/w. plates, diagrams; pub. Sydney. 1911 Dept Labour and Industry. or. black leather bound, limp boards roy.4to. pp.54 Good copy.    Price: $95.00
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  132. REPORT   And  Balance  Sheet  Of  The   Printing   Industry Employees' Union Of Australia. Victorian Branch. pub.  Vic. for half year ended Jan 31 1943 & 31st. July 1943 or.wrap's 8vo. pp.32 ea. two vols. 2nd. lacks cover.    Price: $30.00
  133. RICHIE JOHN Lachlan Macquarie. A biography. col.  frontis. &  6  b/w. plates pub. Melb. M.U.P. 1986  d/w.  8vo. pp.318.   Price: $45.00
  134. RIENITS REX [Ed]  Convict Life In Australia. profusely illus. with plates throughout, some full page and col. pub. Syd. Hamlyn 1977 1st ed. d/w. 4to. pp.144. An illustrated history.    Price: $35.00
  135. ROBERTS  STEPHEN  H. The Squatting Age In  Australia  1835-1847.  contains  7  maps/diagrams tables, notes, appendices, bibliography, index. pub.  Melb.  M.U.P.  1964  d/w.  8vo.  pp.378. Near fine copy.   Price: $75.00
  136. ROBINSON WILLIAM ASHTON COOMER Truth Stranger Than Fiction. A Miscellany of Interesting, Instructive and Startling Facts, Gathered in This and the Old Country, from Personal Observation; With Moral Comments on the Same. pub. Melbourne, Mason & Firth 1861 1st. ed. or. grey/purple blind-stamped cl. 8vo. pp. XI.204.8 advts. cloth, lightly worn, small hole to cloth at spine, minor wear to extremities, a good firm copy otherwise.   Price: $200.00
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  137. RODERICK COLIN   Leichhardt The Dauntless Explorer. illus. with e/paper maps, frontis. & two plates, pub. Syd. Angus & Robertson 1988 1st ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.VIII.526.  $75.00    Convert Currency
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  138. ROSS I.C.Ian Clunies Ross. Memoirs & Papers. With some fragments of autobiography. illus. with frontis. portrait pub. Melbourne: O.U.P., 1961. d/w. 8vo. pp.XXIV.240 In slightly chipped d/w. Ian Clunies Ross (1899-1959) in 1949 became the first chairman of C.S.I.R.O. sl. chipped d/w.    Price: $40.00   Convert Currency
  139. ROYAL AUSTRALIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY-Journal Of The.  issues for:  March 1969 Vol.55 Pt.1 to Dec. 1971 Vol.57 Pt.4.  Run of 12 copies all fine. $50.00
  140. RUBINSTEIN  LESLIE The Golden Key, To Peace, Progress  And Prosperity.  ed.  by  E.J.  Brady  author   of   Australia Unlimited. pub. Melb. 1943 or.wps. 12mo. pp.52.    Price: $25.00
  141. RUHEN OLAF Bullock Teams. The Building of a Nation. illus. with  plates t/out. pub. Syd. Cassell 1980  1st.ed. d/w. sm.4to.obl. pp.240.XIII. The role that bullock teams played in linking the Australian colonies before roads were built. They transported wool and timber to the ports, they shaped the face of the useable country, they built the roads and railways, they serviced the mines. Also explains the culture of the teams. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  142. RUSHTON WILLIAM The "I Didn't Know the Way to King's Cross When I First Came Here But Look at Me Now" Book. illus. with b/w. cartoon illustrations throughout, pub. London The New English Library in association with Tudor Press, Balmain,1966 or. card wrappers, (paperback), cr.4to. pp.88. An English humorist's impressions of Australia and Australians. Some anti-Vietnam War humour. Very good copy.    Price: $25.00
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  147. RYAN  R.JThe  Third Fleet  Convicts.  An  alphabetical listing  of  names, giving place and  date  of  conviction, length of sentence and ship of transportation. illus.  with frontis.  pub.  Syd. Castle Books 1983  or.col.  illus.bds. 8vo. pp.126.    Price: $45.00
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  154. SIMON   ANDRE   The  Wines  Vineyards  And   Vignerons   Of Australia.  profusely illus. t/out. some full page  &  col. pub. Lond. Hamlyn 1969 d/w. 4to. pp.194.    Price: $25.00
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  168. STONE  DERRICK  I.  &  DONALD  S.  GARDEN   Squatters   And Settlers.  profusely  illus. with plates t/out.  many  full page pub. Syd. Reed 1978 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.224.    Price: $40.00
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  181. TREGENZA JOHN Professor Of Democracy. The Life of  Charles Henry Pearson 1830-1894 Oxford Don and Australian  Radical. illus.  with portrait frontispiece, 6 full-page plates t/out. & 4 text dwgs. appendix, references, bibliography, index; pub. Melb.  M.U.P.  1968 1st.ed.  d/w.  8vo.  pp.XVI.280. Charles Henry Pearson (7 September 1830 - 29 May 1894) was a British-born Australian historian, educationist, politician and journalist. fine.   Price: $35.00
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  190. Price: $30.00
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  196. WEIDENBACH KRISTIN Mailman Of The Birdsville Track. The Story of Tom Kruse. Illustrated ed. many never pub. before. profusely illus. with b/w. plates t/out. pub. Sydney Hodder 2004 d/w. 4to. pp.286. For twenty years Tom was the mailman, battling the searing heat, floods and mechanical breakdowns. He made the run every fortnight and was a lifeline to the isolated settlements and stations along the way, delivering everything from letters to essential supplies. The Track is still just that - a track through the desert and sandhills. Tom began in the days before reliable vehicles, good communications and air access in case of emergency. He made running repairs to his truck, he loaded and unloaded tons of stores to ferry his cargo across flooded creeks. He kept people in touch with the outside world - and was sometimes caught up in the grief of a lonely death. Tom Kruse always got the mail through - come drought, hell or high water. Fine copy.   Price: $45.00
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  197. WHITEHOUSE ERIC B. B.A. LL.B. The Northern Approaches  Australia In Old Maps 820 to 1770  illustrated in black & white and colour. pub. Brisbane: Boolarong Press: 1995 or. pictorial card wrappers, (paperback), 4to. pp.96. History and examination of various maps from as early as 820 that show parts of the coastline of Australia lending support to claims that Australia was known and mapped long before the voyages of Captain Cook. Fine.    Price: $65.00
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  200. WHO'S  WHO  IN AUSTRALIA. Ed.  by  Joseph  A. Alexander. Incorporating Johns's Notable Australians, Including an Australian Register or Titled Persons and Companionage and Being a Record of the Careers of Prominent and Representative People serving Australia within or beyond the Commonwealth. pub. Melb. Herald &  Weekly  times 1944 XII.ed. or. maroon cl. cr.8vo. pp.906. Little rubbed otherwise good condition.   Price: $45.00
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  203. WILLIAMS GLYNDWR and ALAN FROST Ed. by. Terra Australis To Australia. Story of how Europeans conceived of the southern continent  from  ancient times until the beginning  of  the nineteenth  century. with e/paper maps &  profusely  illus. with plates t/out. many full page & col. pub. Melb.  Oxford Uni.  Press in association with the Australian  Academy  of the  Humanities 1988 d/w. 4to. pp.XVIII.242.  v/fine copy.     Price: $75.00
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